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Where The Heck Is The Red?

I believe we're all ready for the "Red" in "Red Raiders" to make a dramatic comeback in 2015

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be completely honest here. From an objective viewpoint, Scarlet and Black look dang good together. Even the most bitter Aggie or Bear can admit that Tech can throw together an aesthetically pleasing uniform.

During the Kliff Kingsbury era, we've had some great uniforms, and some... well... they could have been a lot better. From the divisive Texas Pride uniforms to the classic all-black kit, to the Lone Survivor uniforms that offered two buttstripes and magically changed everyone's name to "Never Quit", we've certainly had some weird ones as well as some good ones.

Under Kliff Kingsbury, we've been seeing a trend. For whatever reason, whether it's an oversight, or willful ignorance, we haven't worn a red jersey. Even the Texas Pride jerseys have gravitated away from Red, as shown in the 2012 edition above, towards white, black, and some strange Texas Flag Helmet thing.

Photo Credit: Michael C. Johnson, USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: Michael C. Johnson, USA Today Sports

I mean, come on. It's a really cool idea that should have never been executed. It doesn't help that we've lost every single game we've ever played in the Texas Pride uniforms. The last time we beat Texas we wore our all blacks. I'm not superstitious, just an interesting fact.

In the progression of the Texas Pride designs we can see the gradual distancing from red, which is further strengthened by Kliff's use of a non-school color instead of red. And no, those gross red-black gradient Affliction ombre whatevers we wore against Oklahoma this past year don't count.

Photo Credit: Michael C. Johnson, USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: Michael C. Johnson, USA Today Sports

I mean, come on. They don't look awful, but they don't look good. Hopefully now that we've seen gray uniforms we can expect Kliff to throw a little red in there, and not just keep using gray...

Photo Credit: Alonso Adams, USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: Alonzo Adams, USA Today Sports

...or just keep with gray stuff...

... oh come the heck on.

We have easily one of the best color combinations in the history of color combinations, at a school that likes to experiment with new uniforms, and we are refusing to use half of that combination. A couple of red stripes, outlines, and one psychedelic helmet don't make up for not having a red jersey.

I didn't know why I got so frustrated about all this. I mean, it's just a jersey. But yesterday, it hit me like a ton of bricks why it bugs me.

I agree with a choice that Tommy Tuberville made.

It may be petty or whatever, but I don't want to admit that I may have liked Texas Tech's uniforms more under Tuberville than under Kliff.

Photo Credit: Ronald

Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

I mean, how can you argue with the beauty of this picture? It's the Scarlet and Black, it's the appropriate amount of flash, it's just Tech. Having red back in our wardrobe only gives us better looks for recruits and the fans. It makes "Blackout" games have more meaning. Yeah, the all-black is intimidating, and we arguably pull it off better than anyone in the country, but it loses it's luster when we do it every game.

Our uniforms are overall not bad. The all-white is especially good looking. But man, Kliff, give the people what they want. Give us some freaking red jerseys man.