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What we will learn from Texas Tech vs Sam Houston?

Is there anything to be learned a game versus an FCS school?

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It's GAME WEEK! Hearing those words is so refreshing. We only get 12 or 13 game weeks a year, so enjoy them.

Jonathan, Ryan and I touched on this a little bit in the Air Raid Podcast that posted late yesterday evening, but I saved most of my thoughts for this article. What questions will be answered on Saturday? I will start by saying that I feel there are very few definitive answers that will come from Saturday's game. I think the game will be only the first brushstroke of a painting that will take most of the season to finish.  Hopefully at the end it is a masterpiece, but we definitely won't know that after Saturday's game.

Definitive Answers

#1) Who is our starting QB? This is the biggest question everyone wants answered, On Saturday, we will definitely get the answer to the starting QB question. I will be glad that it is finally put to bed and move ahead with trying to get answered. As I said on the podcast, I hope for a successful and injury-free season for whoever is chosen. Being without a quarterback controversy will be a nice change of pace.

#2) Does this team stink? This is easy. A loss to Sam Houston State will mean this team stinks. That doesn't mean they can't improve over the course of the season and salvage the season, but hard to picture that happening after a loss to an FCS school.

Might be answered

#1) Will this defense create turnovers? I would like to see this defense create turnovers starting game one. If nothing else I want to see our DBs be position to intercept a few passes and our defensive players trying to rip the ball out. The last turnover we created in game one of a season was 2011 versus Texas State. I hope we break that trend.

#2) Is this team fundamentally sound? Similar to creating turnovers, limiting turnovers and penalties should be something we can do on Saturday. We shouldn't need to force the ball into spots that aren't advantageous to us. If we have to lose a down or punt, let's swallow our medicine and move along. We also shouldn't have hold or jump offsides to beat the Bearkats.

#3) Which newcomers will impact the season? There are eight freshman listed on the 2-deep depth chart that Texas Tech released yesterday. While we won't see the full scope of who will impact the season, we should get an idea of how much Tony Brown and Breiden Fehoko play. Jah'Shawn Johnson is the only freshman listed as a starter, so I will definitely be watching him.

Will Remained Unanswered

#1) Will this team be good? If we win, I don't think we will know how good this team is. If we lose we are bad, but I don't think winning by 60 will prove we are a really good team. We will have to take a wait and see approach until we start playing FBS schools.

The most important thing is to get the win this week and start improving each week because the road gets tough quickly. There is no reason to draw big conclusions if the game is close or a blowout. Win and move on, that's the only goal.