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VTM Has Texas Tech Football Covered This Season

A few updates before the season begins........

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

With game week starting on Monday, I want to bring you up to speed on some VTM updates.

New Writers

First of all, a few new guys are writing for us. Ryan, Clay and Nathan joined us recently and have already started pumping out some great articles . If you haven't seen any of their work yet, be on the lookout for their articles over the next few weeks . Parker joined us as well and will be writing about Red Raider basketball and baseball. He will be introducing you to the new faces on the Red Raider basketball team early next week.

Weekly Coverage

Starting next week, we have some awesome weekly articles planned each week. Below is the weekly schedule.

  • Wednesdays: Conner will be previewing all the week's Big 12 games. Drew's weekly recruiting recap will be shifting from Thursdays to Wednesdays.
  • Thursdays: Hunter previews the Tech game via a video breakdown. Nathan's key stat article will highlight the stat that could prove the difference in the upcoming game.
  • Fridays: For all of you gambling junkies, Jonathan's article will take a look at the betting lines every Friday. Ryan will have a Q&A with an SB Nation writer from the opponent's site.
  • Saturdays: We will let you know how you can watch the game in a quick Saturday morning article. We will have also a live chat going on throughout the game. After the game, I will give you my ten quick overreactions and Ryan will be writing up a full game recap.
  • Sundays: Clay will hand out defensive grades. We will drop our weekly Air Raid podcast every Sunday evening for your listening pleasure.
  • Mondays: Drew hands out the offensive grades. Ryan recaps Coach Kingsbury's media press conference.
  • Tuesdays: Jonathan recaps how the NFL Red Raiders performed the past weekend.

Basically, we have you covered. I will still be pumping out the Raider Read every weekday morning and Parker will be sprinkling in a few basketball articles prior to the season kicking off, so there will be all the Red Raider reading you can handle.

A couple of more notes....

Be sure to regularly check out the fanshots. We fanshot a bunch of links, videos and images from all over the internet to give you as much Red Raider information as possible.

Lastly and most importantly, keep the comments, suggestions and questions coming. We are writing for you guys, so if there is something you want us to write about or a question you want us to answer be sure to let us know. We enjoy every type of feedback we get...the good, the bad and the ugly.

8 days until the season kicks off! WRECK ‘EM!