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Texas Tech Ranked #68 By SB Nation

SB Nation ranks Tech #68 out of 128 FBS teams.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

SB Nation ranked all 128 FBS schools. They ranked Tech #68. I think most Red Raider fans feel that is too low, but I understand the media ranking us that low. Coming off a 4-8 season without a "wow" recruiting class, expectations should be low from those not closely following the Red Raiders.

We are ranked behind Temple, Western Michigan, Utah State, Georgia State, Washington State, Navy, and Western Kentucky. We are barely ranked above Toledo, Arkansas State and Rice. Ouch! That is surprising, but I am okay being underestimated heading into this season.

A few other interesting notes:

  • Baylor and TCU ranked #4 and #6 respectively. That is the lowest I have seen TCU ranked.
  • Oklahoma is ranked #12. SB Nation thinks more highly of the Sooners than others. I am really interested to see how they do this season. Is another 8-5 season acceptable in Norman?
  • Arkansas at #14 and Tennessee at #16 are more highly ranked than I have seen in other preseason polls. Both teams are coming off 7-6 seasons. SB Nation must be ranking them based on potential. I think Arkansas does well this season, but I struggle thinking Tennessee is a top #25 team.
  • Texas A&M ranked at #30. I thought since Sumlin took over they ran this state (#WRTS)? Guess not.
  • Texas at #38 looks to be a fair ranking until they figure out what they have at quarterback.
  • Kansas at #109 and SMU at #110 are both in bad places, but I think SMU will improve with Chad Morris at the helm. I am far from a huge Morris supporter, but he is good enough to get SMU out the triple digit rankings.
  • Kansas, Iowa State (#90) and UTEP (#87) are the only teams on our schedule ranked lower than us. That doesn't include FCS opponent Sam Houston State.
Just think two weeks and one day away from being able to watch the Red Raiders instead of just talking about them. Won't that be nice? Wreck 'em!