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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup, 8/20

This week I take a look at my 2017 recruiting wish list.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As of now, Texas Tech's 2016 recruiting class is pretty much maxed out. If anything changes on that front VTM will for sure relay that to our loyal readers. But since our 2016 class is practically full I will turn my attention to the 2017 recruiting class this week. Tech already has a handful of offers out to incoming juniors and has 2 commits for its 2017 class. The Red Raiders 2017 class so far has 3-star Xavier Martin QB/ATH and 3-star OL Tyler Castaneda. You would have to imagine that they will be hitting the recruiting trail for Texas Tech along with the coaching staff. This week I will let you guys know how many recruits we've offered so far and my recruiting wish list for each position/position groups.

The following offer numbers are coming from Texas Tech's 24/7 site.

Number of QBs offered: 7

My wish list: Keytaon Thompson, Landry-Walker (New Orleans, LA), 24/7: 3-Star | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout: 4-Star

Number of RBs offered: 4

My wish list: Eno Benjamin, Wylie East (Wylie, TX), 24/7: 4-Star | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout | 4-Star

Number of WRs offered: 15

My wish list: KD Nixon, DeSoto (DeSoto, TX), 24/7: 4-Star | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout: 4-Star

Number of OL/TE offered: 11

My wish list: Jack Anderson C, Frisco (Frisco, TX), 24/7: 4-Star | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout: 4-Star

Number of DL/LB offered: 6

My wish list: Marvin Wilson DT, Episcopal (Bellaire, TX), 24/7: 4-Star | Rivals: 5-Star | Scout: 4-Star

Number of DBs offered: 6

My wish list: Chevin Calloway CB, Bishop Dunne (Dallas, TX), 24/7: 4-Star | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout: 4-Star

As you can see, Texas Tech has already offered some outstanding talent and a good amount of recruits. The coaching staff has done an amazing job with the 2016 class when it comes to communication. They are letting the recruits know what Texas Tech has to offer and it's apparent that the recruits are liking what they hear. If the coaches can do the same with the 2017 class that would be great, it's nice not having to scramble for recruits as signing day approaches. If the Red Raiders go bowling this season and puts together a good record it wouldn't surprise me if Tech starts attracting some highly sought after talent for 2017.