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Texas Tech Defensive Line Preview

Talkin' about one of the position groups to watch in 2015


DE/Rush LB: Pete Robertson (SR)

Mike Mitchell (FR)

DE: Branden Jackson (SR)

Gary Moore (SO)

Noseguard: Rika Levi (SR)

Josh Outlaw (SO)

DT: Keland McElrath (SR)

Breiden Fehoko (FR)

Key Returning Starter:

For me, the key is Branden Jackson. We know what we're going to get out of Pete Robertson, but Jackson has always been a more behind the scenes. He's a high-motor guy who is rarely out of position. If we can get him in some favorable positions this year, he could erupt on the scene.

Player To Watch:

Breiden Fehoko, easy. No one really knows how many touches he's going to get, and we don't know exactly how he's going to be utilized, but he's easily one of the most talented freshmen in the Big XII. Seeing as how all of our starting defensive line are seniors, I see him getting a lot of reps so that he will be ready when it comes time for him to start as a sophomore.

Biggest Question Mark:

How fast will they pick up yet another defensive scheme? We would think that by now our guys are adept at picking up new schemes, but only that first Saturday afternoon will tell if it's been picked up or not. We have the talent and the experience to make this season a special one on the line, it's all about how quickly the new scheme is learned. Don't be shocked if you hear about the Texas Tech defensive line being one of the best in the nation by the end of the season.

Key Stat:

Number of sacks. I'm not sure how much number of tackles actually matter for the defensive line, and number of sacks holistically is one of the only stats that is pretty much defensive line specific. If we can keep the pressure on the quarterback it'll pay dividends, especially in the pass-happy Big XII.

Next Up:

Wes with the running backs