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Texas Tech Football & Media Access

Media access can be both good and bad.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I was trying to decide what to write about today, because there hasn't been just a whole lot of news coming out of the Texas Tech football facilities in regards to how fall camp is going. That's when it hit me, why not right about why we aren't getting any news out of fall camp.

I am not the first nor the last Tech fan to wish media access was allowed to practices. I understand a coach's edict restricting media access. The coach needs to have the ability to run the program the best way he sees fit. As a fan though, I want to have the ability to hear a reporter's take on who is standing out or who looks like they are picking up the system quicker than others. There is media availability after practice, but coaches are only going to give you the information they want you to have in those situations. As we all know, Kingsbury more so than a lot of coaches is very tight lipped, so my previous statement is even truer with him.

I think media access, specifically to fall camp practices, builds excitement within the fanbase. After last season this fanbase needs a reason to get excited. I know the coaching staff probably disagrees with me in the ways that excitement should be built but media access is one of the best ways to do it.

I am also a fan of hearing how new coaches are doing. With Gibbs, we have heard about his calm and professional demeanor from Kingsbury, but I would like another source to give me their opinion. I would like to hear how Gibbs coaches, leads and inspires young men to get the best out of them. Maybe that is the wannabe psychologist coming out in me, but I find that type of information fascinating.

I mentioned it above but my favorite part offseason is hearing how some of the newcomers is doing. I want to know who the next big thing is before they become the next big thing. Which of the freshman receivers are doing well? How's Fehoko doing? How is Mitchell's transition to DE going? That is the type of information that most fans like myself eat up. It really does act like an appetizer for the season which is only 24 days away from kicking off by the way.

The fan in me wants to hear all about this type of stuff, but more than anything I want Tech to produce a winning football team and if that means restricting media access then I am all for it.