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Texas Tech Position Overview

What position groups are the most intriguing?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Next week we will start dropping our position group previews. I started thinking about each group and wondering which position group is the most intriguing headed into the season. To me, I am intrigued by the unknown, so position groups that are nailed down with returning starters do not do much for me from an intrigue standpoint. Each position group is ranked between one and ten.  A one represents the same intrigue I have watching paint dry while a ten represents me grabbing a defibrillator for fear my heart might explode.

QB Intrigue Rating: 3 -  I think we have two capable guys. Yes the Kingsbury announcement of the starter is intriguing, but beyond that they are known quantities. I think most people feel it is a foregone conclusion that Mahomes will be named the starter.

RB Intrigue Rating: 1 - This is probably the furtherest group from intriguing. We have a stable of quality guys. This is my favorite position group, but by far the least intriguing.

OL Intrigue Rating: 3 - The starters are definitely not intriguing as they are practically nailed down. The second team is intriguing because we have a lot of unknown guys as back ups.

WR Intrigue Rating: 7 - There are several incoming freshman and a few spots wide open for the taking. I am interested to see if any of the freshman breakthrough. I am also interested to see if Reginald Davis can bounce back. Lastly, can Lauderdale and Sadler carry over their production from the end of last season to this season?

DL Intrigue Rating: 8 - This would have been a bit lower prior to Mike Mitchell moving to the DL from LB. He has a ways to go but playing DE will allow him to use his athleticism without having to think and react which will benefit the team more. Fehoko, Levi and McElrath could be a force this season. I can't to wait to see if Gary Moore can breakthrough. I think we know what we have in Jackson and Robertson.

LB Intrigue Rating: 6 - I like Micah Awe a lot. I have said that several times. Beyond him, I am not sure what we have. Kris Williams, Sam Atoe, Malik Jenkins and Dakota Allen are unknowns for the most part. I am intrigued by the position but at the same time I don't have the same expectations for this group as I do for the defensive line.

DB Intrigue Rating 7 - This group, like the defensive line, has a mix of knowns and unknowns. Nigel Bethel, Justis Nelson, Keenon Ward, JJ Gaines and Tevin Madison saw plenty of game time last season. DJ Polite-Bray, Payton Hendrix and Jah'Shawn Johnson are relative unknowns. Johnson and Polite-Bray saw a little playing time last season, while Hendrix redshirted. I like what I saw out of Polite-Bray in the spring game. He was very physical. I think there are plenty of options to put four to six guys out there and feel good, but I am interested to see which of these guys step up.

Be on the lookout for our position breakdowns next week. We will dive much deeper into each position group and the storylines within each group.