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Texas Tech & Kingsbury Are Inseparable At This Point

Kingsbury's contract makes him the Tech coach for the foreseeable future.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I would be remiss if I didn't have a point out a solid article by Don Williams at the Avalanche-Journal in regards to the Kingsbury's contract. I am sure some of you have read it, if not check it out here. As Don mentions, there are plenty in the sports internet world proclaiming Kingsbury is on the hot seat this season yet fail to research if it is financially possible for Tech to fire him. Don points out that it isn't even close to be possible until 2018 without some SERIOUS money from big donors.

I know some will say continuity is the key in a program's success. I am not sure if that is right or wrong. It is the chicken or egg. I tend to think that successful programs keep their successful head coaches around which is why there is continuity. I could be wrong on that and not afraid to admit it if I am. Having said that a school has to give a coach five years right out of the box. This ensures they have a full run through the recruiting cycle complete with redshirts which is plenty of time to tell you where the program is headed. After three years, if things are really bad a school could get out of the contract without too much trouble if they set things up right. The coach gets some stability with a five year contract as well. Once the school gives the coach that stability, the coach must give the school reasons to give him an extension. A 7-5 season while losing five of the last six games in year one is not reason for an extension. Those are also not reasons to financially strap yourself to the coach with that extension. Kingsbury did exactly what any employee should do, work hard for your employer and take as much money as the employer is willing to give you. I blame the boss (i.e.. Kirby Hocutt) for being in this situation. I am not saying Kingsbury is not going to pay off in the long run and that this contract does work out for both parties. However, I am not a fan of an athletic department with $111 million in debt not having financial options.

All this to say Hocutt is on the hot seat, not Kingsbury. If the Kingsbury hire doesn't pan out, Hocutt will be gone well before Kingsbury is gone in my opinion. They can cut him lose with almost no consequences. I could see the scenario playing out where come 2017 if this situation is dire, Tech brings in replacement for Hocutt. The administration gives the new AD a year to settle in and get the lay of the land. After the 2018 season, he is given the ability to take the program in the direction he sees fit.