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Lubbock Eats: Championship

Spanky's and One Guy square off to see who claims the title as the Best Food Spot in the Hub City.

#1 Spanky's and #2 One Guy ran away with the vote in last week's semi-final matchups, gaining 41% of the vote. Now it comes down to this, the one for all the marbles. Spanky's and One Guy meet up to see who walks away with the Lubbock Eats championship belt. This is a battle of the elites but only one will win, who's it going to be? Voting will end Monday at noon!

#1 Spanky's vs #2 One Guy - Championship Round

After weeks of matchups, we now have two remaining. Separated by a mere few minutes walk, both of these establishments offer up some of the best food in Lubbock. Spanky's serves up burgers, sandwiches, and tasty finger foods including their well-known fried cheese. One Guy has been a staple of Lubbock for a number of years. Its plate-sized slices of pizza and delicious calzones are customers' go-to items. Just writing this makes me wish I was back in the Hub City so I could eat one of these places for lunch and the other for dinner. It wouldn't surprise me if this championship round comes down to a handful of votes separating the winner and loser. Make sure you vote!