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Raider Read (7/29): Texas Tech In The News

What's happening in the news!

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The SB Nation OU site ranked the Big 12 defensive lines. They ranked Tech the #4 line in the Big 12. I was pleasantly surprised our ranking was that high. I haven’t dove in head first to the defensive lines yet, but I assumed Texas, West Virginia and Kansas State were more highly thought of than the Tech line. If nothing else, Tech starts four seniors which can’t do anything but help, but not sure we have a Hassan Ridgeway type player who can dominate versus the rush and pass.

Our friends at Heartland College Sports published an article a few weeks back, which I have been meaning to post. I wanted to digest it before posting it. I agree with the article in that there is still a cloud over the program. In my opinion it is just a matter of a few more years and some more wins to put Leach behind us. As much as I like what Leach did for the program, I am ready to quit looking back on the Leach era as Tech’s glory days. That means winning more games.

Michael DuPont at the Dallas Morning News echoes a lot of the same opinions we have talking about here (link). Next year hinges on turnovers and penalties. If we can do better in both of those areas, 4-8 will be a distant memory.

RIP Harrison Benjamin, the former T&F star for Texas Tech. He passed away Monday night at the age of 29.

Cameron Smith is tearing it up with the Missoula Osprey. Link

And just because, here is a fan produced 2015 hype video. Enjoy!