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Big 12's Preseason Poll Released

Texas Tech is ranked 7th in the Big 12 media's preseason football poll.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Big 12 preseason media poll was released yesterday. The results below are not too surprising.

First impressions:

  • Crazy that headed into year four of being in the Big 12, TCU is the runaway favorite to win the title. Sadly we have never been the favorite, much less by that kind of margin.
  • This is the second year in a row that Baylor has been voted runner up in the media’s preseason poll.
  • Neither Texas nor Oklahoma received a first place vote. I am betting that hasn’t happened too often.
  • Tech securely wrapped up 8th place, a full 72 points behind 7th place Kansas State. Further proof there are no expectations for this program outside of those in football facility and optimistic Red Raider fans.
  • Based on the final 2014 Big 12 standings, Kansas State is the biggest faller from a 3rd place finish to a 7th place preseason projection. Oklahoma State is the biggest riser from a 7th place finish to a 4th place projection. All other teams are ranked about the same area they finished the 2014 season.

I don’t think there are too many disputes to be had with this poll based on what we know about these teams. That doesn’t mean I think the teams will end up in these positions. Every team has questions they will have to answer over the course of the season. There will be teams that disappoint and those that surprise.