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Tailgating Essentials: BOOOOOOOOOOZE

we'v got all the *hic* best beers n other drinks to have on gameday WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (But seriously, drink responsibly.)

Havin' a couple of drinks is a tailgate staple. If you're an undergrad, sometimes you don't even need food to have a tailgate, just some good drinks and you're set. We've compiled all of our favorite gameday drinks and their various recipes here. Always remember to drink responsibly.

Wes Shaw:

I have a few favorites so I am going list them all. I am a Miller Lite drinker on most occasions. I am a big fan of the aluminum twist off cans so that is my go to beer. If I want to change it up a little bit I will go with Dos Equis Amber. If I am in a liquor mood, I roll with Tito's vodka and water on ice with a twist of lemon. Enjoy!

Conner Crisp:

It is incredibly important to stay hydrated before a game! Here are my top 3 choices:

1. It's hard to go wrong with the typical coke & (mix your alcoholic drink of choice here). My personal tailgate favorite is Blue Chair Bay White Rum.

2. Beerwise, it might a tad taboo to say this in Texas, but for me heavy/dark beers/lagers (like Shiner) are out on hot days before games. If I'm packing the cooler, I'm throwing in some Landshark and Coors Light.

3. WATER!!! Lots of times the tailgating starts many hours before kickoff. Make sure that your in-stadium experience is not miserable due to only having booze prior to the game.

Jonathan Althaus:

Personally, I prefer the Lynchburg Lemonade to drink while tailgating. A cool glass of lemonade always makes a hot day feel better and nothing goes as good with Texas Tech football as some Tennessee Whiskey. A real Lynchburg includes triple sec and sour mix but for gameday, Jack and sprite (or your lemon-lime soda of choice) works great.

Lynchburg Lemonade:

1 Part Jack Daniels, 1 Part sour mix, 1 Part triple sec, 4 parts lemon-lime soda

Drew Borsellino:

You could get fancy here and go with some mixed drinks or nice beer but my choice is a keg of light beer. Usually you're out in the sun all day and heavy stuff doesn't sit too well plus you have to have room for food. I usually go with something cheap like Keystone, can get $5 or $10 from your friends at the tailgate and everyone can drink on it all day long.

Hunter Cooke:

LOOOONNNNEEEESSSSTTTTAAAARRRR. But seriously, it's light enough to beat the heat, it has a better taste than Coors light or Miller light, and best of all, it's from Texas. Nothing fuels my Texas Pride like having a Lonestar or two, then seeing this on the field. Texas Forever, Riggins.