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Texas Tech Visual History: Mike Leach

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This is the companion piece to Conner's History Lesson on Mike Leach!

Mark Lyons/Getty Images

For the History Lesson series, think of Thursday's as dessert. On Thursday's I will find some images or videos on that past Monday's main course. The inaugural subject matter for this series was Monday's article on Mike Leach. Today I have found some clips of some of Mike's greatest moments while at Texas Tech! I hope you enjoy!

Mike On 60 Minutes

Sure, Scott Pelley is a graduate from Texas Tech. However, Mike Leach's success and personality is what got the go-ahead from CBS to use some prime airtime to interview the head coach of a football team in Texas. It's a great look at the most entertaining and successful coach in Tech history.

A Pirate Can Beat A Soldier

Tech has a huge late game comeback win over the Aggies in College Station. Mike understood what the rivalry meant to Tech fans and delivered a line that, I'm sure, many Red Raiders said to their Aggie counterparts that following week!

Friday Night Lights

This isn't necessarily a Texas Tech moment, but how many other coaches would cameo on a network TV show and talk about finding your inner pirate?

Dating Tips

This is my personal favorite clip from Coach Leach. The man even helped out a freshman looking for love!

Now I know I am leaving out a few clips, 2008 TTU-UT interview, Mike doing the weather forecast, and the "fat, little girlfriends rant" to name a few. Some of these will be used in future entries in this series, or I do not know if I can get away with posting clips with suggestive material... What were some of your favorite moments of Mike Leach during his reign at Texas Tech? Either comment below or tweet me @ConnerCrisp. Guns Up!