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Texas Tech Hit With Transfer

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La'Darius Newbold is transferring.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

La'Darius Newbold is transferring to Illinois State per WJBC. He has signed his all of his paperwork and will be enrolling there over the summer.  The cornerback out of Lancaster, TX will have two years of eligibility remaining and is eligible to play immediately. He was a Rivals 3-star recruit out of high school. He quite a few offers out of high school including Arkansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Texas A&M according to his Rivals profile.

I always hate to see things not work out for players who enroll at Tech. He has only played in four games at Tech since arriving on campus and from all reports he wasn't going to factor into the upcoming season unless somewhat drastic were to happen. The silver lining is that this opens up a spot for next year's recruiting class. Hopefully it will work out for him at ISU. Good luck to him!