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Houses of the Enemy - Memorial Stadium

Jonathan takes a look into the site of the 2nd away game in the upcoming football season.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The second away game for the Red Raider football team will be Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas. Not to be confused with Memorial Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas, which is the former home for the Wildcats, this stadium has been home the Jayhawk football team since 1921. As one of the oldest stadiums in the Big 12 and the country, it is a historic building, but Tech doesn't seem to be too intimidated by it, with an overall record of 8-0.


The first 2 years of Kansas Jayhawk football were played in a park in Lawrence, but they did not have a true football field until 1892. McCook Field was the home for Kansas for over 20 years, and the current horseshoe at Memorial covers up the site of McCook. After a tie game with Nebraska in 1920, Dr. F.C. Allen (Yes, THAT Dr. Allen that was so instrumental in Kansas basketball), who was coaching football at the time had an idea to build a new football stadium. The horseshoe shape is attributed to Allen, and he oversaw construction of Memorial. Over $200,000 was pledged for new construction by students and faculty in a short 3-day period.


  • KU defeated KSU 21-7 on October 29, 1921 in front of a crowd of 5,160 in the first game
  • Original capacity of 22,000
  • The horseshoe design was completed in 1927 to increase the capacity to 35,000
  • Additions through 1990 increased the capacity to 50,250
  • AstroTurf was installed in 1990, AstroPlay in 2000, and FieldTurf in 2009
  • The track was removed in the summer of 2014
  • Tech has scored 54 (2013), 45 (2011), and 63 (2008) points in the past 3 games at Memorial, but did not play there until 1966, a 23-7 win
  • The 2008 game was memorable for a few reasons. It was the first game for kicker Matt Williams, who had won the halftime contest the week before. He was 9 for 9 in extra points, earning ESPN player of the week honors. In the 3rd quarter, the Kansas offense ran 5 plays; a rush for 0 yards, an incomplete pass, and 3 interceptions to Darcel McBath. The following week would be the famous game against Texas.
  • In 2013, Tech scored more points in Lawrence in football (54) than they did in basketball (42)