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Win #9 - Texas Tech welcomes WVU to the Jones

The second installment of the top 10 wins in the past decade looks back at our not so warm welcome to #5 WVU into the Big 12. Geno Smith not only lost a game but also his Heisman candidacy.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Date:  October 13, 2012

Location: Jones AT&T Stadium - Lubbock, TX

Opponent:  #5 West Virginia Mountaineers

Attendance: 57,328

Score: Texas Tech 49  West Virginia 14

Only Vegas seemed to have some confidence in the Red Raiders going into this game.  Even then we were only suppose to keep it close.  Coming off a lopsided loss at home vs. #17 Oklahoma coupled with #5 West Virginia destroying all that stood in their way Red Raider nation wasn't too optimistic about our chances.  The game got out of control pretty quickly...but it was all Red Raiders and the victory bells were ringing in Lubbock afterwards.

Seth Doege had one of if not his best game as a Red Raider throwing for 499 and 6 TDs.  Jace Amaro broke out with 156 yards receiving and a TD.  Sadale Foster put his foot on WVUs throat with a 53 yard TD run with 35 seconds left in the first half.  Darrin Moore got into the mix with a career high 3 TDs.

The win was a costly one for Tech as Amaro suffered a severe spleen injury ending his season.  Despite losing Amaro the Red Raiders rode into Ft. Worth the following week and pulled out an exhilarating victory over the Horny Toads catapulting Tech into the Top 25.

Where was I?

I met a bunch of friends down at Frankie's off McKinney in Dallas. Everyone was in a good mood and had no expectations.  Generally that's the best way to go into a Red Raider football game.  The quick start really peaked our interest and it became a pretty rowdy atmosphere.  Celebratory shots were bought at halftime!! It's rare to have that much confidence in a game against the #5 team in the nation but we knew the game was over and that Foster TD killed any chance of WVU coming out of the tunnel with any fight.