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Win #10 - Texas Tech rides into and through Lincoln

The first installment of my top 10 wins in the past decade takes us to Lincoln, Nebraska. We had a date with Ndamukong Suh and the nationally ranked Cornhuskers.

Sticks surveying the field
Sticks surveying the field
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Date:  October 17, 2009

Location: Memorial Stadium -  Lincoln, NE

Opponent:  #15 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Attendance: 86,107

Score: Texas Tech 31  Nebraska 10

Our Red Raiders rolled into town with a 4-2 record coming off back to back wins against New Mexico and a complete drubbing of Kansas State. The most exciting thing since sliced bread, Steven "Sticks" Sheffield, was under center leading us into battle after a 7 TD performance the week prior.  As always during the Mike Leach era we were known for our offense and ranked #2 nationally at the time in offense.  The vaunted Blackshirts from Nebraska held us in check but our defense played lights out and led us to victory.  It's not often in the past decade we can say that!  The D forced 2 turnovers, scored a TD and registered 5 sacks in the game.  Brandon Sharpe had 4 of the 5 sacks and was the player of the game.

The win catapulted the Red Raiders into the top 25 the following week for the first and only time in the season.  They were #21 but lost the following game and dropped out never to return for the 2009 season.

Where was I?

Every year during the week of his birthday I have a buddy who opens his house up to pretty much everyone he's ever met for an entire day of football watching.  People come and go as they choose.  This is a social event.  We pay attention to the Tech game but aren't completely invested.  This year was the exception.  People had a seat in front of one of the many tvs and hung on every play.  Deep down we were all waiting for the defense to fall apart.  Surely we couldn't go into Lincoln and beat up on a ranked team in front of one of the most rabid fanbases in one of the most intimidating environments relying on our defense?  We did..and we did.  It was the most exciting lopsided win I can recall in my years as a Red Raider fan.