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Weekly Recap

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All of the news of the past week in one quick read

Toddrick Gotcher and Zach Smith celebrate during a timeout as the Red Raiders fell to Baylor 77-74
Toddrick Gotcher and Zach Smith celebrate during a timeout as the Red Raiders fell to Baylor 77-74
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a busy week for Red Raider sports.

After three practices of total radio silence, Kliff Kingsbury,  David Gibbs, Mike Smith, and several players talked with Don Williams about the future of the defense and how spring practice was going. Gibbs appears to be taking it slow, saying that "I'm not going to keep installing things until we can build a foundation and build a base". I personally love this attitude of not trying to do too much too fast, it's going to pay off dividends in the 2nd half, which is where most of our defensive fundamentals broke down last year. The Daily Toreador covered this too, with an added short segment on Breiden Fehoko.

Max Olsen of ESPN provided a "Spring Primer" article that talks about, well, spring football and has several predictions for key players next year.

We got our first look at spring football practice from the Tech Athletics YouTube channel, complete with cut-to-commercial ESPN rock song that semi applies to sports. In all seriousness, it's a sweet video despite it's one minute runtime, and it's good to see everyone working hard for the upcoming season.

It's more than a week in the past, but this reddit post about a man who asked if he could buy a signed Texas Tech helmet for a fellow service member is really cool. In his own words, all they asked for was an address, and sent him a helmet signed by Kliff thanking him for his service free of charge. It's always nice to see our administration reaching out to fans.

Tevin Madison uploaded his own Freshman Year Highlight Tape to YouTube. It's a pretty solid video, and it's easy to forget how well he played last season due to our defense's woes.

Tech Basketball dropped a tough road game to Baylor on Friday, 77-74. Our fearless leader Wes Shaw posted a great writeup on the heartbreaking loss here.

The Baseball team was shut out on the road against Cal State Fullerton 4-0 and subsequently beaten 3-2 the next day. On Sunday the Red Raiders got a grand slam from Ryan Long, but still ultimately fell 6-5 as Cal State Fullerton completed the sweep.