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Red Raider Position Preview

Starting next week, I will begin the 2015 Red Raider Football Position Preview. In this preview we will look at each individual position group and check out the battles that are going on as well as anything of importance with each position group.

Red Raider Nation watched a highly hyped 2014 season get turned into a dismal 4-8 season, but that chapter is behind us and now we start a new one in 2015.

After a roller coaster of a ride over the past two seasons with Coach Kingsbury, we all hope that the King can get the Red Raider program back to relevance not only in the Big 12 but on a national scale. I have nothing but confidence that Coach Kingsbury can get us there and will get us there one way or another. He has gone through a steep learning curve for being such a young head coach and now I believe that the Kingsbury era has settled down and it's all about winning football games.

Over the next 7 weeks we will focus on each position group for the 2015 season and see in detail how the Red Raiders of 2015 will look before we get into fall camp. A different position group will be highlighted each week.

Week 1 (3/16)- Defensive Backs

Week 2 (3/23)- Linebackers

Week 3 (3/30)- Defensive Line

Week 4 (4/6)- Offensive Line

Week 5 (4/13)- Wide Receivers

Week 6 (4/20)- Running Backs(Yes, they get their own position group)

Week 7 (4/27)- Quarterbacks