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5 Thoughts: The Red Raiders are swept in Fullerton

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The Cal State Fullerton Titans were too much for the Red Raiders this weekend.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Raiders had a tough time versus Cal State Fullerton this weekend. They were swept with relative ease, as the bats never got going.

Series Score Recap:

  • Game 1 Final Score: TTU-0, CSF-4
  • Game 2 Final Score: TTU-2, CSF-3
  • Game 3 Final Score: TTU-5, CSF-6

1)   Cold: The bats were very cold this series, managing only a .216 batting average and 7 runs. The Titans had plenty to say about the Red Raiders' struggles at the plate. Outside of Preston Morrison (TCU), Eshelman and Garza are arguably the two best starting pitchers the Red Raiders will face during the regular season. The bats fared much better on Sunday when they weren't facing a Preseason All-American on the mound. They scored 5 runs on 8 hits, unfortunately it still wasn't enough to get a win.

2)   Hot: Cal State is hot right now. This makes 7 wins in row and consecutive sweeps over Big 12 teams (Baylor & Texas Tech). If this series happens earlier in the season, I think Tech stands a better chance of getting a win or two out of the series. Cal State started the season slow but seem to be finding their footing now. No shame in getting swept, but even one win would have been nice to hang your hat on.

3)   Arms Race: The pitching was strong even though it was a little erratic on Sunday. They gave up four runs with free passes (3 walks & 1 HBP) in the final game of the series. However they gave up only 13 runs (4.3 runs/game) over the course of the three-games series. That should typically be enough to get at least one win in a three-games series and probably even two.

4)   Expectations: With expectations comes a great responsibility to win. The Red Raiders are learning this right now. After last season, the expectation is that they will win games and series against really good teams, which Cal State Fullerton is. Don't kid yourself, this Red Raider team is still a very good team and will be a big factor in the Big 12 race.

5)   Confidence: The Red Raiders will face the Aggies of New Mexico State in a two-game series on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Any confidence the team may have lost versus the Titans will hopefully return with this series. The Aggies are 1-12 this season with their only win being against Incarnate Word in extra innings.

Next up: Texas Tech faces New Mexico State on Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30pm in Lubbock.