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Texas Tech's Devaughntah Williams - A Year in Review

Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be providing my thoughts on the individual seasons in review for key returners to the 2015 squad. I'm focusing on conference play ONLY specifically the first 9 games vs. the final 9. I personally feel stripping out all pre-conference numbers tells a better story for a players season. Ideally you see an improvement in the back half of conference games.

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Devaughntah Williams (Junior) was a JUCO transfer known for his ability to score the basketball. In my opinion he will be the key to the 2015 season as he returns for his Senior season.

Conference MPG FG % 3pt FG% FT% PPG RPG APG
1st 9 games 25 34% 32% 70% 8.2 3.1 1.2
Last 9 games 25 46% 46% 78% 11.7 2.4 1.5


There are so many good things to say about DWill. First and foremost from all accounts he is very appreciative of the opportunity and there are no concerns about him on or off the court. On the court his numbers tell a great story and set expectations for a very productive '15 season. He improved in all the categories I personally care about for a shooting guard. His shooting percentages increased across the board (fg/ft/3ptfg) in the second half of conference vs. the first. His 3pt attempts were down and his free throw attempts were up in the second half. He was learning on the fly and realized you can't solely rely on a perimeter game. The biggest positive I took away from this season from DWill is that he established himself as a go-to scorer. We've sorely needed someone like an Andre Emmett or Jay Jackson that we could rely on in clutch situations to score the basketball. It appears he likes shouldering the load and fortunately for us he's pretty good in those situations.


He was wildly inconsistent.  Some inconsistency would be expected but to have his skill set and ability to shoot the ball it was concerning.  He's far too good of a player to have 1 for 5 or 1 for 6 for 2 pt box scores which he did all too frequently.  Additionally, he seemed lost on defense.  Again, a HUGE adjustment going from JUCO ball to the Big 12 but some of the simple "see ball, see man" concepts you learn as a youth were lacking from him on that end of the court.

Former Red Raider Comparison:

Right now I go with Alan Voskuil but his ceiling is Jay Jackson.  Predominantly an outside shooter this year that showed promise of creating shots vs. spotting up.  If he continues down that path and he develops a more aggressive mindset with the ball in his hands we will have a guy capable of big things on the offensive side of the court.

2015 Outlook:

Starting SG for our Red Raiders and will take home All-Big 12 2nd Team honors.