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Coach Kingsbury Talks 2015 Season

Coach Kingsbury talks Pat Mahomes, Reginald Davis and defense.

Coach Kingsbury talks about the upcoming season and touches on a few topics including quarterback, wide receiver and the secondary.

Personally, I think Coach Kingsbury has a lot to prove in 2015. Last season was a tough one, but going back to his first season, we lost 5 of the last 6 games we played. Add that to our 2014 record and that equals a miserable 5-13 in his last 18 games as head coach of Texas Tech. That is pretty miserable by all accounts. He isn't on the hot seat yet, but this is his third season and needs to start showing improvement this season. Exactly what that improvement looks like is debatable, but I would say 6-6 with a bowl game is a good barometer for improvement. If we have another 4-8 season in 2015, look for the critics to get a lot louder.

We will have all sorts of previews, analysis and predictions prior to the season, so I won't give away all of my thoughts just yet, but here are my keys to the season.

1) Defensive improvement: Our defense was on of the worst units in the country statistically across the board. Since they were that bad, they have the most room for improvement and therefore could impact us the most by improving only marginally.

2) Consistent QB play: Whether it was due to health or bad play, we haven't had a consistent voice in the huddle for 2 seasons. The entire offense benefits from having the same guy in the huddle every game.

3) Turnover margin: We were #118 in the country last season in turnover margin. You don't have to be Vince Lombardi to figure out that was a huge reason for the 4-8 record last season.