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This Week in Texas Tech Sports: 3/9-3/15

A crushing loss in the Big XII Conference tournament, a baseball team's resurgence, and David Gibbs's alleged secret double life headline this week in Texas Tech sports.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech Basketball fell to Texas in the Big XII tournament, ending their season. We were defeated in what looked like a replay of the last several months for our hoops fans. I still have faith that Tubby Smith can succeed here, but first he might have to change his first name otherwise he's going to be cursed with pretty good recruiting, underperforming players, and attempting to reboot the fashion choices from "Grease". Our very own Matt Hinz wrote up an excellent recap of this tough season, which you can read here.

Red Raider baseball seems to have righted the ship, coming up with a sweep of New Mexico State before going 2-1 against SDSU. Despite the late stumbles, our big bats seem to be waking up, and come conference play we should be fine. Tim Tadlock had this to say about the sweep of New Mexico State:

Pro Day came and went, and several Red Raiders absolutely killed it. Bradley Marquez had a great day, and really showed off his route running and hands. VJ Fehoko showed up many other players invited to the combine with his total bench reps, totaling 32 reps of 225 lbs, which if you didn't know, is a lot of weight to be moving that many times. How it affects his draft stock remains to be seen, as there always could be someone willing to take a linebacker with an explosive workout. The LAJ's Don Williams wrote about pro day here, and Adam Zuvanich put out a great article on Bradley Marquez here.

Tristen Wallace, who was originally committed to Texas Tech, has announced that Texas Tech is in his top 5. I'm pretty excited about still being in the running for him, he's an incredible quarterback. For in-depth recruiting analysis, VTM's Drew Borsellino has a great piece about the state of football recruiting here.

The Tech Athletics YouTube page put up a great video on the progress of David Gibbs and the defense. Here's the video and a Don Williams article on the subject.

This video still raises many questions about our new Secretary of Defense on the South Plains, mainly, with all this talk of trying to take things away from people and being aggressive in his schemes, how are we not so sure he isn't a secret Advocare salesman? This seems ridiculous, like a bogus conspiracy theory, but fortunately I have complete and total confirmation from the man himself.

Now Gibbs would later tweet that he was "hacked". A likely excuse. That's what a secret Advocare salesman would say. So the next time you're out and about and see a man selling protein shakes and telling everyone about his brother's sister's cousin's boyfriend who lost 90 pounds, got a raise at work, and is now in the Texas Senate, make sure it's not David Gibbs.

Texas Tech track and field absolutely killed it this week, especially in the field events. JaCorian Duffield and Bradley Atkins finished 1-2 respectively in the high jump, a feat that hasn't been done in over 40 years. The team finished 5th overall, and those two young men performed admirably, but the real winner is the tribute pose to our good friend in Cleveland, Jonathan Soccer.

#CashingOut, indeed.

In case your Monday is going rough, here's a video of Cody Davis ruining several people's days set to the tune of Slim Thug and an ESPN transition to commercial song.