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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup, 3/12

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I will be taking a weekly glance at how Texas Tech's recruiting efforts are going while also giving my breakdown on potential Red Raiders. This week I will be taking a look at two QB targets and a South Oak Cliff tackling machine.

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Texas Tech losing a big name commit has become a thing we're all too familiar with over the past few months. First it was Jarrett Stidham backing out at the 11th hour and eventually signing with Baylor and now Tristen Wallace has decommitted. Wallace was committed to Tech as an athlete and many speculated he would end up playing wide receiver, but no need to guess anymore. It seems as though Wallace wants a shot at quarterback in college and rightfully so since many recruiting sites have him ranked as a top tier dual-threat prospect. This week I will take a look at two possible replacements to make up for this loss (even though both are listed strictly as QBs and not athletes) and I will take a look at a South Oak Cliff defensive end that has ties to Texas Tech's Emmett Jones.

David Johnson | Pro-Style Quarterback

South Oak Cliff High School (Dallas, TX)

24/7: NR | Rivals: NR | Scout: NR | ESPN: NR

Many people may not have heard of David Johnson. He's not mentioned very often on the recruiting sites and many of his teammates get more attention than him, but one thing is for certain, the kid can play quarterback. Johnson led South Oak Cliff to the 5A Division 2 Quarterfinals where they fell to soon to be state champs Ennis. Johnson had an incredible junior season amassing 3,135 yards through the air along with 44 passing TDs to only 8 INTs all along completing 65% of his passes. He can also tuck it and run, scoring 2 rushing TDs in his junior campaign. From watching Johnson's film I notice two things I really like about him. 1) He has good football IQ. On his read-option plays he rides the running back until the last minute and keeps his eyes up focusing on the defense. He is an all-in-all great decision maker from what I've seen so far. 2) He is a pass-first quarterback. Johnson does have some wheels on him and can run (see film below) but he wants to throw first and foremost. When he is scrambling he has his eyes down field the whole time looking for a receiver. His throwing style is a bit raw but the talent is there and he can sling it. As of now Tech has not offered Johnson but he did attend Tech's junior day last weekend and was back on campus visiting yesterday. He is getting looked at by multiple schools, most notably Kansas State which he will be visiting April 18th. Overall, he does not hold any offers at the moment but I expect them to start coming in soon. Oh and did I mention, he is another South Oak Cliff prospect who comes from the Emmett Jones system and was the one throwing J.F. Thomas (2015 class) all those passes.

Jalen Hurts | Dual-Threat Quarterback

Channelview High School (Channelview, TX)

24/7: 90 | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout: 4-Star | ESPN: 3-Star

Jalen Hurts' case is a little different from David Johnson's. Hurts is covered by every major recruiting site and currently holds 14 offers. Texas Tech offered him this past Sunday, March 8th but I'm not sure of Hurts' interest level in Tech at the moment. Hurts put up amazing numbers last year both through the air and on the ground. He threw for over 2,500 yards with 21 TDs and carried the ball 132 times for just under 950 yards while also racking up 19 TDs on the ground. Hurts is a true dual-threat quarterback who can easily tuck it and pick up 50+ yards. He's very shifty, one quick move and then he's gone. He puts the ball on the money, too. On a lot of his throws he's putting the ball where only his receiver can catch it or he's leading his guy perfectly. I'm sure we'll hear more on the newly offered Hurts in the months to come.

Marvin Terry | Defensive End/Outside Linebacker

South Oak Cliff High School (Dallas, TX)

24/7: 88 | Rivals: 4-Star | Scout: 4-Star | ESPN: 4-Star

Texas Tech was the first to offer the sophomore stand-out way back in October 2013. Between his last two seasons Terry has a combined 260 tackles and 42 sacks. He can stand up and play linebacker or put his hand down and play defensive end. Terry doesn't rush up the field and over pursue, if you watch his film you can see that he reads the play before reacting. Once the play is in motion and he recognizes what's going he locks in on the ball carrier or drops back in coverage. He has great speed and quickness to fly through holes in the line or get around the edge on the outside. Terry was on campus yesterday with teammate David Johnson and also attended Tech's junior day this past weekend. He played at SOC under Emmett Jones and you would think our early interest in him would stand out. Terry is a player that could really benefit Texas Tech if they were to land the highly sought after defensive prospect.

Along with Jalen Hurts, Texas Tech made a handful of offers this week. Some were very prominent offensive linemen and if we were to land some of those guys that would greatly help Tech with their depth on the offensive line. Check back in next week when I provide some more recruiting insight and focus on any new commits we may pick up.

2016 Football Commits

Collin Wilder: Safety, Katy High School (Katy, TX)

Da'Leon Ward: Running Back, Skyline High School (Dallas, TX)