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New VTM Staff, Same Texas Tech Family

I am thrilled to accept the responsibility of continuing the amazing community the previous staff has worked so hard to put together over the years. Same great content, with new twists and insights.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't grow up in Texas. I moved around the country with my family -- my father working in baseball, and my mother, sisters and I along for the ride. When my parents told me they were moving to Texas as I was starting college I didn't know what to think. I had been to Texas several times, but I never thought about living there. I knew I didn't want to be left behind in Fla., though, so I agreed to move with them and check out colleges in Texas.

Not knowing much about Texas universities, I applied to several. My father and I sat down and started to plan our trips to visit the schools, and since Lubbock was the farthest away, we figured we better start there. My family and loaded up the car and took the beautiful (the beauty grew on me) drive from the Dallas-area to Lubbock. We hopped on the loop and went straight up University Avenue. After taking left into the the main entrance, seeing the seal that would come to mean so much to me, and getting out of the car and taking the first step onto campus, I knew right then, this was it. We didn't visit another school.

My years at Texas Tech University were the greatest years of my life, and honestly I don't know how to put into words what the school has come to mean to me. But it is more than a university to me, as I am sure it is with a lot of you. It is a community; a community that has brought so much joy, support, networking, and most importantly, lifelong friends.

I am honored to write for VTM about the school that means so much to me. Seth, Travis, Mike, and the rest of the staff did an unbelievable job creating this community that we visit every day. I could probably put Seth on a shortlist of people that I feel like I know but have never actually met. Just like you, I appreciate everything he has done. The staff he put together was incredible, and gave us such amazing content on a daily basis, something that I will do as the new manager of the site.

The new VTM will feature a lot of content that you're used to seeing - or may even see on another new blog - but I am also working on giving insights that may not have ever been explored within this community. This is going to be a lot of fun, as well as hard work, but I know that the VTM community is great, and I look forward to giving you a great narrative around our university.

The same rules exist as before -- we do not live in an echo chamber, and I know we come here to give our opinions, but they will be done in a respectful manner, staying away from name calling, swearing, political rants, religious rants, etc. I'm not afraid to drop the hammer.

I have assembled a select few to write for VTM that I know can provide content and access to parts of our athletic department and university that haven't been accessed before. I will continue to grow the staff though, and VTM will once again be a one-stop-shop for everything Texas Tech.

Let's have some fun, and as always, Strive for Honor.

Wreck 'Em. - Zach