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Red Raiders in the Pros - Week 13

A look at how former Red Raiders are doing in the NFL

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Crabtree - WR, Oakland Raiders

Young Oakland quarterback Derek Carr had another sub-par game, with more interceptions (3) than touchdowns (2), with one score going to Crabtree. Mike ended up with 5 catches on 11 targets for 45 yards, including a 25 yard grab for the touchdown. Carr missed a wide open Crabtree later in the game that would have almost certainly been a touchdown. Early last month, Mike had consecutive 100-yard games, but since then has only 169 yards in a 4 game span. He's still projected to have a 1,000 yard season, but with upcoming games in Denver and against the Packers, the Raiders schedule won't be getting easier any time soon, and the 1,000 yard mark may be hard to reach.

Bradley Marquez, Wes Welker - WR, St. Louis Rams

Bradley had about as successful a day as a receiver can have when an offense only scores 3 points as the Rams did against Arizona. Both he and Wes had 3 passes thrown to them, with Wes catching 2 for 15 yards, and Bradley caught all 3 for 16 yards, including a pass that he tried to stretch out for a first down. Nick Foles was the Rams quarterback again, as Case Keenum is finishing up concussion protocol. Case is scheduled to start next weekend against the Lions.

Danny Amendola - WR, New England Patriots

Going into Sunday's game against Philly, Danny was listed as probable, coming off his knee injury from a couple weeks back. The Pats are in need of receivers, with Gronkowski and Edelman both out, so Danny should be getting plenty of chances, if and when he is fully healthy. He had 13 targets this week in the loss to the Eagles, hauling in 7 catches for 62 yards and one score. Danny also went 1/1 in the passing game, on a rather cool trick play where running back James White took a direct snap, flipped the ball to Danny, and he tossed it downfield to Tom Brady for a 36 yard catch and run down the sideline.