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The Air Raid Podcast: Coaching Carousel

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Former Tech Star, Mickey Peters, joins VTM to discuss the coaching changes and the state of college football


So we needed a little time to digest the news of the coaching changes that took place last week. If we had done this last week... woah. It would have been great, epic, all of that... but most would probably not be for the public's ears. Gotta keep it clean for the kids.

No matter where you stand on the firings of Mike Smith, Trey Haverty and Kevin Curtis, it's still sad to see our Red Raider family dismissed from the university they've done so much for both on the field and on the sidelines. It may have been needed for Gibbs, but the plight of the defense does not rest solely on those three coaches. So as we open the pod, we need to sift through all of the emotions of last week. It was tough for us as fans and you know it was tough on Kingsbury. Huge props to him for dismissing his friends for the betterment of the university. 

So let's get through some of the feels with some clips from our favorite movies. Just some... cause it could be awhile if I didn't narrow it down. haha.


Special thanks to Mickey Peters for giving us his time and insight and if you want to hear more football stories, you better beg him in the comments to join us again before the pod! Do it!! haha