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Texas Tech Will Have Extra Motivation Heading Into Their Bowl Game

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It appears that our Red Raiders have already been written off by most everyone.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU Tigers really aren't that hard to figure out. The vast majority of their gameplan revolves around all-world, Heisman hopeful running back Leonard Fournette. Let's not get anything twisted here, Leonard Fournette is a straight animal.

None of us actually have the time to watch a full 40 minute video, but y'all get the point. He's a man child, and he's only a sophomore. However, it seems that based on one player, Texas Tech has been written off by just about everyone. And writing a team off in bowl season might provide a psychological edge for that team.

Very few in the national media are giving the Red Raiders any chance. That kind of dismissal by the general public could be the motivation they need to take it to LSU. I'm not a guy that takes much stock in the transitive property of college football, which states Tech beat Arkansas that beat LSU, but any given team on any given Saturday. I'm of the opinion that writing off a team this dangerous and explosive so early is a mistake, but hey, I'm also pretty dang biased.

There isn't any real way for us to know exactly how LSU or Texas Tech will react going into bowl preparation. The Tigers could look at our statistically atrocious rush defense and take it easy, licking their chops. Or they could get really excited and just smash everything in front of them. Texas Tech could take the disrespect as motivation, and really come out and prove something against LSU. Or they could take it as an excuse to lost the game, stating, "Well we were supposed to lose anyways". We won't know until December 29th. All that we do know is that if the Red Raiders want to use it, there is definitely some "haterz" motivation available.