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Big XII Bowl Projections

It's really looking like we're going to be playing LSU

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we won't be getting our big Christmas present. It's really beginning to seem like we'll be playing LSU in the Texas Bowl. The SEC won't be announcing bowl pairings until 4:30, but the word around town is that LSU will accept an invitation to play us in the Texas Bowl.

Oklahoma has earned the #4 spot in the playoff rankings that were just released, putting them up against top-ranked Clemson in the College Football Playoff. Here are the rest of the projections for the Big XII.

Sugar Bowl - Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss

The Cowboys will get a shot at a mercurial Ole Miss in a New Year's 6 bowl. If Mason Rudolph and JW Walsh can come to play, the Cowboys have a legit shot at winning this one.

Cactus Bowl - WVU vs. Cal

This will be one of the more underrated matchups of the bowl season. WVU's strong secondary and LB corps will attempt to slow down Jared Goff and a high-powered Cal offense.

Alamo Bowl - TCU vs. Oregon

Holy mother of offense. This one should be nothing but fireworks from beginning to end as two high octane offenses try to outscore each other. I give the edge to TCU, provided they get a little healthier on defense.

Liberty Bowl - Kansas State vs. Arkansas

RUN THE DANG BAWL BOY. In contrast to TCU-Oregon, this one should be a slugfest between defenses as Bill Snyder attempts to put up points with a patchwork offense.

Russell Athletic Bowl - UNC vs. Baylor

This should be a pretty good game. If the Bears can get an actual quarterback in the game, this should be a butchering. Baylor comes out hot and doesn't let up against a UNC team that just can't compensate for the speed difference.