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So today is Championship Saturday, a day for all of us to kick back and watch some nationally important games. What happens today will decide who goes to the playoff and who doesn't. It also brings up some very interesting questions. What if Michigan State beats Iowa and for some stupid reason the playoff committee decides to send both of them to the playoff instead of Oklahoma? What happens if undefeated Clemson falls to upstart UNC? Any number of things could happen today. Regardless of what happens, I just hope it's good football.

(22) Temple vs. (19) Houston, 11 AM, ABC

Welp, it looks like Houston is going to keep Tom Herman around. All they need for a miracle season is to beat Temple in the AAC championship. I'm giving this the underrated game of the day stamp. Despite not being in the Power 5, both of these teams are very good.

Texas vs. (12) Baylor, 11 AM, ESPN


(18) Florida vs. (2) Alabama, 3 PM, CBS

Florida and McElwain have really come out of nowhere this season. However, they're down a starting quarterback and might lose their backup as well. I think a heavy dose of Derrick Henry will have the Tide rolling in this one.

WVU vs. Kansas State, 3:30 PM, FS1

*whispers from around the corner* Kansas State could still be bowl eligible. I expect the Mountaineers to win, but don't doubt the power of desperation. This could end up being a fun one.

(20) USC vs. (7) Stanford, 6:45 PM, ESPN

It could be a slaughter. It could come down to the wire. It's the PAC 12, we don't really know. All we do know is that Christian McCaffery is a bona fide stud. I tentatively take Stanford in this one.

(5) Michigan State vs. (4) Iowa, 7PM, Fox

I honestly don't know. I want to keep doubting the Hawkeyes, but Michigan State hasn't done too much to inspire either. I'll take the Hawkeyes, but this could go either way honestly.

(10) UNC vs. (1) Clemson

The Tarheels started off this season with a loss to South Carolina. Yeah, that South Carolina. However, ever since then they've been on fire. Clemson is legit, but the Tarheels will give them a huge run for their money in this one. Clemson by a last-second field goal.

Use this thread to discuss the games going on. As always, remember VTM's commenting rules, which boil down to: "Be Excellent To One Another, And Party On Dudes".

Enjoy the day!