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Big Wigs are Ruining a Great Bowl Game

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Several bowl projections have Texas A&M and Texas Tech matching up in the Texas bowl, but several influential donors are trying to nix this matchup.

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Texas Tech versus Texas A&M brings me back to a simpler time. Back when the Big XII had 12 teams, when there was no longhorn network, and a time when I could watch the Longhorns and Aggies square up when I ate turkey sandwiches for dinner on Thanksgiving. In my short time so far in Lubbock, I've learned more about the longstanding bad blood Tech fans have harbored against those farmers down in College Station.

In the Red Raiders last game, they beat the Longhorns in Austin for the first time since Bill Clinton got impeached. It was also the first time Tech had beaten UT at all since 2008, which coincidentally was the last time they beat Texas A&M.

Even though this season hasn't quite panned out as well as TTU fans had hoped, beating UT and A&M in back to back games to finish the season would be a good way to end 2015. The Aggies also fell short of expectations this year. Like Tech, A&M got out to a hot start then lost all momentum after one crushing loss. For TTU it was after that stupid tipped pass in Lubbock, for the Ags it was a beat down in front of their home fans at the hands of Alabama. For Aggie fans, beating a rival Texas Tech team would be an excellent season capper.

These two teams playing each other in Houston makes perfect sense, yet some important boosters are doing their darndest to make that not happen. Boosters have way too much influence on the game. Thwarting a potentially fantastic bowl game matchup is exactly the type of thing that a few influential big wigs can do to ruin fun.

Why do A&M boosters say they don't want to play Tech?

What Aggie boosters are saying is that they don't want to play the the first and last game of the season in the same place. This is a silly excuse and I don't believe it. Houston is less than 100 miles from College Station, making it convenient for students as well as the alumni in CStat to make the trek. There is also a large Aggie alumni base in Houston, as there is literally everywhere in Texas.

Other excuses include being sick of playing in the Texas bowl. Yet another flimsy excuse, donors. Since the Texas Bowl's inception in 2006, the Aggies have only played there once.

The last paltry excuse is that there is no rivalry between the two schools. This is also foolishness. Both are very agricultural schools in the same state with a longstanding history of feuding. Tech and A&M have played 69 times. That's more than Tech and UT, and more than the Red Raiders have faced any other team besides Baylor who they have played 72 times.

Why does it make sense for Tech and A&M to play in the Texas Bowl?

I'm glad you asked! There are a million reasons why this makes perfect sense. The first reason is the location. As I said earlier, Houston is less than 100 miles from College Station. One of the largest Texas Tech alumni populations resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Travel from Dallas to Houston is under 250 miles, making it a lovely location for alumni to travel for a football game. Travel from Lubbock to Houston is a bit over 500 miles, which is close relative to Lubbock's distance from most things.

The second reason this makes perfect sense is that longstanding rivalry I talked about earlier. These two teams have disliked each other for a long long time. Contempt breeds great football rivalries, and therefore entertaining football games. A&M already lost their biggest rival in Texas when they moved conferences, and since UT isn't going to a bowl game, why can't the Aggies get the next best rivalry?

It makes sense for the Aggies because since they joined the SEC, they have yet to play a Big XII team from Texas. They beat OU in their first SEC bowl game in 2012 and West Virginia last year in the Liberty Bowl. But wouldn't it be great for their instate recruiting if they showed that they actually are better than those Texas Big XII teams? It would be great for them to show on the field if they actually do "run this state." It helps that Texas Tech is the best Texas Big XII team that A&M has a chance of actually beating.

It's apparent that I'm all in for this bowl idea, but I'm curious how y'all feel about facing Texas A&M in a bowl game. Let me know how you feel in the poll at the bottom.

So Aggies, I'd love to see y'all in Houston for a football game December 29th. Y'all bring the BBQ and we'll bring the beer. Big wigs just stay out of the way because deep down you know this would be a great bowl game.