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Ruffin McNeil Fired as Head Coach from ECU

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Former Tech assistant and defensive coordinator, Ruffin McNeil has been let go by ECU

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For many Tech fans, following non-Tech teams have becoming a more normal occurrence as we follow some past assistants or players at other universities. Whether, for some, it is Mike Leach at Washington State or Michael Brewer at Virginia Tech, once a Red Raider always a Red Raider. Unless... You hurt or spoke bad about Tech, then it's more about...

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So now that all of that is off my chest, we can focus in on some sad news that broke today. Ruffin McNeil is out at East Carolina. McNeil was an assistant at Tech from 2000-2009, ran the defense from mid 2007-2009 and was interim HC for the bowl game after Leach was fired and led Tech to a victory over an up and coming Michigan St team. McNeil was the favorite for the permanent position at Tech before bringing in Tommy Tuberville.

McNeil would land at his alma mater, East Carolina, and really elevate the program. With Lincoln Riley running the offense, ECU would post Top 5 offenses only trailing teams like Baylor and TCU. After going to 3 straight bowls and posting a few 8 win seasons, ECU went 5-7 this year and ECU thought it was time for a change. Maybe the loss of Lincoln Riley to Oklahoma was a little harder for the offense to overcome than expected, but either way, McNeil is looking for a job.

In an ever changing and demanding profession, where expectations are getting pretty out of hand, even here at Texas Tech, no coach's job is safe. Just ask Mark Richt and Les Miles where the former was fired after a 9 win season and the latter was very close to being fired. It's more and more "what has you done for lately" and "the grass is always greener on the other side", which is a shame.

Anyone ready for McNeil to come back to Lubbock? It's unlikely, but possible. Let us know in the comments.