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In Defense Of Patrick Mahomes, A Response To SportsDay DFW

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We found a very interesting mailbag article yesterday. Here are our thoughts about it.

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The other day, most of us stumbled upon a DMN Mailbag article titled, "Where I rank Tech QB Mahomes among Big XII QBs, my guess at CFB Final Four".We're not here to make any ridiculous assumptions of bias or hatred of our school, but we do disagree extremely with this ranking. Yes, this is pedantic. Yes, it is a little petty. But we believe that Patrick Mahomes deserves a lot more respect than he was given in this mailbag.

In the words of Kevin Sherrington, the author, Mahomes is "... for sure he's better than anything at Texas, which is pretty much true for any of the Big XII QBs. Not better than Russell or Stidham at Baylor, I don't think. Not better than a healthy Boykin at TCU, for sure. Think he's potentially better than the OSU QBs, anything in the midwest, which brings us to Oklahoma... The only redeeming factor for Tech fans is that Mahomes is a very nice talent. He can do a little bit of everything."

Now while the ending is slightly complimentary, the rest of this section seems to drip with disdain. I'm not sure if the author intended it in that way, but that is definitely the way it comes off. There are several arguments here that are a little ridiculous. Let's highlight some of the more eyebrow raising statements.

"Not better than Russell or Stidham at Baylor, I don't think."

There is a solid case for Seth Russell being better than Patrick Mahomes. I'm definitely biased, so I personally don't believe he is. However, even I can admit that it isn't an open and shut case. Russell has an argument. However, Stidham does not. I honestly don't get how you can say that Jarrett Stidham is better than Patrick Mahomes when Stidham has only started 3 games, one of which he didn't finish, and another where he was very clearly injured. Stidham is a very good talent, but we don't have a big enough sample size to determine wether he's better than Mahomes or not. His numbers against KSU are incredible, but he faltered with his injury against Oklahoma, and ended up tossing two critical INTs.

This is not to say that Jarrett Stidham is a bad quarterback. I just don't know how you can look at a body of work that doesn't even span a non-conference season and say definitively wether he's an improvement. He could be incredibly good. He could falter without Shock Linwood, Corey Coleman, and KD Cannon. We just don't know.

"Not better than a healthy Boykin at TCU, for sure."

I don't think this is arguable either. As of right now, Boykin would rank slightly ahead of Mahomes in my book. This is not me saying Mahomes is trash, just acknowledging the talent level of quarterback in the Big XII. However, Boykin's a senior. If Patrick Mahomes continues on his statistical trend, he could be the best statistical quarterback that Texas Tech has ever had. In a system that is made for QBs to put up video game numbers, his numbers could end up being the most video game-y ever.

I do think that Mahomes has an argument against Boykin in terms of stats. I also think that Boykin benefitted greatly from Josh Doctson, who should go down in history as one of the best WRs in the Big XII. Right now though, Boykin edges Mahomes. But "for sure"? Implying that Mahomes is just a run of the mill QB? Get serious dude. The more I dove into this, the more condescending the language seemed.

"Think he's potentially better than the OSU QBs"

Are we talking about both of them put together, or separately? Because if we're putting them together, Mahomes has more passing yards than both of them combined. It's a slight advantage, but I would argue that Mahomes is better than each individual QB OSU has, and if you have to put them together to try and equal him, it's a little dishonest.

*anything he said relating to Baker Mayfield*

[fart noise]. This argument has been beaten into the ground so far that I am not going to touch it. Baker Mayfield is a great QB, and if he doesn't get at least an invite to New York for the Heisman ceremony it will be downright criminal. Both Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield are very good QBs. Any opinion of mine towards either will be cause for Sooner fans hating me for being "jealous" or Tech fans hating me for being a traitor. There is no winning. Let it die.

"The only redeeming factor for Tech fans is that Mahomes is a very nice talent"

A very nice talent? A very nice talent? A very nice talent? The kid is 2nd in the freaking nation in passing yardage. 7th in touchdowns. 21st in completion percentage. "Oh Hunter that's just because Air Raid and Tech not run footbawl ever and *various other excuses*". DeAndre Washington is 12th in the nation in rushing. This year's Texas Tech is more balanced than anything. I've heard "a very nice talent" used to describe football players before, and more often than not it's to describe someone who has the skill but hasn't arrived on the scene yet. To say that his only redeeming factor is that he's a very nice talent undersells this young man so much. Once again, the author might not have intended it to come off this way, but we judge by actions, not intentions. And this action certainly seems to have a touch of disdain to it.

Patrick Mahomes is a very good QB. He's one of the top QBs in a QB heavy conference. And if you can't see that, well, that's on you.