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Previewing Potential Bowl Opponents

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The experts say we'll face one of three teams.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we're going bowling people. And while there isn't a way to completely accurately predict who we will play, we definitely can speculate on the challenges each team will bring. In order of least likely to most likely, here are the teams that we apparently could meet up with in bowl season.


There's a small contingency out there that says that Texas Tech could play Georgia. I'm not exactly sure how, but Georgia managed to post an 9 win season this year. Their offense took a considerable hit when Nick Chubb went down, and their revolving door of quarterbacks hasn't made it easy to move the ball. Their defense is pretty good, but their numbers might be inflated after playing some subpar teams. We would have a pretty good chance to beat Georgia if we could make them one dimensional and force their QB to throw.


The LSU Tigers started off hot and have cooled off considerably. At one point they were #2 in the nation. Right now, well, they aren't. This is the most terrifying team on the list, mostly due to Leonard Fournette. Yeah, they lost to an Arkansas team we beat by two possessions, but that doesn't make LSU any more terrifying. Their defense is built to stop offenses like ours, and I think Fournette would kill us on the ground. I think I speak for all of us when I say this is the team we would like to play the least.

Texas A&M

A&M has really sputtered offensively down the stretch. Their OC is most likely gone after this year after a series of incredibly questionable gameplans and play calls. However, A&M boasts a stout defense, with an incredibly talented defensive line. If we played A&M, I really think that we would struggle to run the ball on them. I think Mahomes can make some plays in the passing game, and A&M's offense is in enough disarray to where we could peel off a few important 3rd down stops. Old Big XII/SWC beef aside, I think we match up the best with A&M.