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This Week in Twitter Dot Com

Highlighting this week's happenings in the wonderful world of twitter dot com.

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This is the first edition of what I hope will become a staple of VTM. I spend the vast majority of my down time on twitter, so I decided to start compiling those tweets that make me laugh, or think, or question humanity for you the VTM readers. A lot of these tweets will be from the Viva the Matadors account because I think I'm pretty darn funny and I won't apologize for it. Since twitter was a little slow this week I'm going to be generous with the definition of the term 'week.' Now enjoy these bits of joy 140 characters at a time!

Texas Tech has a gorgeous campus. Sometimes it strikes me and I like to take a second to admire it.

Hunter found this excellent tweet on the night of the Heisman trophy presentation. There's a 73% chance that Nick Saban is actually a robot.

Our good friends at TTU edits made this gem after the announcement of the bowl selections.

I had this fire tweet on that same day but it wasn't until after I pressed send that I noticed my typo. Twitter dot com can be a cruel place.

I felt great shame from my lapse in grammatical correctness.

Our friends over at And The Valley Shook understand us and our love for tortillas. Follow them on twitter for your LSU needs. Or don't, I don't run your life.

I watched this probably 50 times without stopping so I needed others to understand my interests.

I'm fairly proud of this one.

Zach Smith is an athletic monster and I'm glad he plays for our team.

Sometimes I give great insight about sporting events. Other times I do not. Feel free to call me on it.

Twitter is a magnificent place for throwing shade.

And we'll cap it off with my love of twitter polls.

This would have been a great thing for me to start earlier in the year when twitter was more active, but I'm not a smart man. I hope y'all enjoyed this, if not too bad I'm pretty sure it's coming back for more next week. If there is some fire tweet that I missed or something you see for the next edition just tweet me @vivathematador or @80gradewhitt to let me know. Also if you don't have a twitter or if you have one and don't follow either of the aforementioned accounts you're wrong. Good tweeting to you all, and as always I'll see you around the internet.