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Graham Harrell And Joel Filani Are Headed To UNT

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Two former Red Raiders are climbing their ways up the coaching ranks.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Graham Harrell and Joel Filani, former Texas Tech players, spent the last season as offensive assistants in former Texas Tech HC Mike Leach's Washington State Cougars program. Lately, they've been making some changes in their surroundings. Both Harrell and Filani are headed to the UNT Mean Green football program. Harrell will be the Offensive Coordinator, and Filani will coach the wide receivers.

At Texas Tech, Filani was 1st Team All-Big XII twice, catching a career-high 91 passes for 1,300 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2006. Harrell, the architect of potentially the most important victory in Texas Tech football history, holds 8 NCAA all time records in various passing statistics, and ranks in the top 20 in many more.

It's always good to see former Red Raiders moving up in the coaching ranks, and it's also good to see Texas boys come back to Texas. Congrats to these two guys, the promotion is well-deserved.