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Texas Tech vs. LSU Is Pretty Much The "Rowdiest Fanbase" National Championship

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Forget the actual football, this game will have fan shenanigans of epic proportions

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is infamous around the Big XII and the national college football landscape for it's fan's antics. Some are definitely shameful, like the time we tossed a goalpost into the A&M stands and seriously injured several people. Some are downright hilarious, like our ability to smuggle tortillas into any stadium in the country. Arguably the best thing about our bowl game matchup with LSU is that they're infamous for being rowdy as well.

This a video of how I imagine the typical LSU fan spends their gamedays

Good Lord, that's honestly a little terrifying. I mean she's really into  this game. Or on something. Honestly who knows. Also, who could forget about one of the greatest stadium chants of all time, "Neck"? (warning: NSFW, language)

That's some serious passion. Neck was discontinued, so don't expect to hear it anytime soon, but I'm still a huge fan of anything Neck related. To wrap up a 5 minute google search of crazy LSU fans, who could forget this classic kid?

Besides our Dancing Ginger, this guy is one of my favorite fans of all time. Naturally, the kid went viral, and a huge amount of photoshops cropped up almost immediately. There can only be one direction where this goes.

Yep, this is a certified classic. LSU fans are pretty weird. But they're our kind of weird, the kind of weird that makes things fun. Let's keep it real here, we have some crazy passionate fans that do stuff like this too.

This guy is my favorite, and "I PAID TO GET IN THE GAME I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT" is both hilarious and true. Texas Tech fans are incredibly passionate and rowdy. LSU fans are incredibly passionate and rowdy. We should get along just fine. It might as well be the craziest fanbase National Championship.

Tortillas vs. Corndogs

Brisket vs. Gumbo

Dancing Gingers vs. Student Dinosaurs

Raiders vs. Tigers.

Let's freaking do this, people.