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Red Raiders In The Texas Bowl: Act 2

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With over two weeks until we finally get to see some Red Raider football again, I thought a trip down memory lane would help ease the pain. December 29th will be Texas Tech's second appearance in the Texas Bowl.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was 2012 when the Red Raiders played Minnesota in what was then known as the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas. Tommy Tuberville had just bolted for the Cincinnati job so interim coach Chris Thomsen was charged with the coaching duties. If you remember Kingsbury had already been hired and was present at the game watching his new team. Tech came into the game with an overall record of 8-5, but only 4-5 in conference. This was a crazy game and Tech, led by QB Seth Doege, tied the game 31-31 by tossing a TD with about 2 minutes to go. Minnesota then tried to put a game winning drive together, but Tech intercepted the ball and ended up kicking the game winning field goal as time expired. Tech won the game 34-31.

Here in 2015 the disrespecting haters are out in full force. The national narrative is all about how many yards LSU's running back Fournette will run for. Maybe Fournette will have a huge game, but if Tech's defense finds a way to slow him down the Tigers could be in for a long night. Our offense is #2 in the country and I can promise you no team in the SEC can score as fast as we can. Of course an Aggie will say they can, but they won't even play us. Tech has won their last four bowls so there should be no doubt Kingsbury will have his team ready to roll. Let's hope for another exciting game that includes a WIN against LSU on December 29th!!!

Seth Doege was the 2012 Texas Bowl MVP.
Previous Texas Bowl Results
2006 Rutgers 37 vs Kansas St 10
2007 TCU 20 vs Houston 13
2008 Rice 38 vs Western Michigan 14
2009 Navy 35 vs Missouri 13
2010 Illinios 38 vs Baylor 14
2011 Texas A&M 33 vs Northwestern 22
2012 Texas Tech 34 vs Minnesota 31
2013 Syracuse 21 vs Minnesota 17
2014 Arkansa 31 vs Texas 7