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The Coaching Carousel Continues: Trey Haverty Out At Tech

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Trey Haverty has been let go of his position at Texas Tech

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We heard some rumblings of more changes coming last night, and now it's official: Trey Haverty has been let go of his position as Outside Linebackers coach. Haverty, a former 2nd team All-American at Texas Tech, coached the Safeties here from December 30th, 2012 until the 2015 season, when he was moved to coaching the Outside Linebackers. He was one of Kliff's former teammates that he brought to coach alongside him after the tumultuous Tuberville years.

As of right now it is unsure if Haverty was under the same conditions that Mike Smith and Kevin Curtis were under. Smith and Curtis were reportedly told that they would be let go after the 2015 season was over when the David Gibbs hire was made. True to their Texas Tech roots, they stayed and gave it their all on the recruiting trail and on the field. While it is possible that Haverty was under the same conditions, the timing of his release suggests that this was not the case, and that Haverty's firing was entirely performance based.

These moves by David Gibbs and Kliff suggest two things: Kliff didn't want to leave his guys out in the cold when Gibbs came on board, but David Gibbs was eventually going to be allowed to create his own staff. I personally view it as a class move all around, as when the Gibbs hire came in, it would have been relatively difficult for some of these men to find jobs. Now they have a rung up on the ladder in a college football landscape that is changing rapidly before our eyes. Just this morning, Oregon's OC, Scott Frost, was hired to be the head coach of UCF. With around 14 teams still looking for head coaches, there isn't a doubt in my mind that these men will land on their feet.

UPDATE: It appears that all 3 were given the same deal, the leaks just happened at different times.