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Texas Tech Defensive Grades: Week 10

The defense made some improvements this week in a tough loss to WVU

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

In a disappointing loss to WVU, we saw some improvement and some mistakes. The defense showed some intensity and made a few stops to set the offense up with a chance to win the game. There was some big plays they would like to have back especially on a few 3rd downs. While they still aren't playing perfect I think the defense for the most part did their job. Some people will disagree with that statement, but they kept us in this game up until the end.

There was a boneheaded penalty in the last drive that put the nail in the coffin for Tech. Giving WVU a first down at the worst possible time. It came from a senior Branden Jackson and should not have happened. Emotion was running high and he made a mistake. Although mistakes were made that day, the defense kept us in the game when we needed it. All things considered that is progress in the face of a loss.

Overall Grade: D+

This might seem high to some as they gave up 300yds on the ground in a close loss to WVU. I saw the fight that lasted throughout the game. The last couple of drives were bad against the run, mistakes were made, but they almost made it a full 60 minutes with the effort, again the team as a whole could just couldn't pull it out. A loss is never fun but let's not dwell on that but some of the improvements we saw.

DL Grade: D-

This group still struggled to contain the run at times, but they stepped up this week and they did make some stops at the line. They did get some pressure on the QB. It is still not where they need to be as a group, but I saw some bright spots like the Piesman play by Breiden Fehoko! The DL doesn't get the opportunity for interceptions often and I think that was a great heads up play by Fehoko.

LB Grade: C-

This group had good production in this game and Micah Awe was all over the field making plays, stepping up after Dakota Allen went down. Micah had a tremendous game, D'vonta Hinton made some big plays as well but not at the rate of Awe. It seemed at times anywhere the ball went Awe was right there to make the play. There was some missed tackles from this group that hurt us against the run, but the production for the most part was where we needed to be.

DB Grade: C-

This group kept the passing yards down, partly from the lack of passing but also because of some good coverage. Bethel once again was consistent. Justis Nelson came up with a pick this week that turned into points. Keenon Ward also made some nice plays. This group is improving with all the young guys and I think in the next couple of years people will be talking about our secondary a little bit more.

Defensive MVP: Micah Awe