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Monday Press Conference 11/9

Kingsbury and staff talk to the media after the loss to West Virginia

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Kliff Kingsbury




Kingsbury looks a lot calmer and confident after losses than he did last year. Shows three things. 
1. Kirby is totally behind Kingsbury
2. Maturation as a Head Coach
3. Knows he close to really getting this thing going

Don't expect Branden Jackson to start against K-State

Oddly weird that Gibbs says out of the 80+ plays... 78 of them were run defenses. That now becomes a player problem. You can put players in a position to be successful, but its up to the player to execute. I know people like to blame coaches for that, but that is a player problem.

Don't expect Dakota Allen to play the rest of the regular season.

Good news, after this weekend, we have a BYE!! Well kinda...