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Texas Tech 26 vs West Virginia 31 - 10 Thoughts

10 Quick Hits from the game against West Virginia

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

1. Patty Magic Still Exists

The first touchdown today was possible because of Pat's ability to keep the play alive, finding a wide open Grant. That ability is something that makes him so unpredictable and harder to gameplan against. Remember, he's only a sophomore. We still have 2 more years after this year

2. Slow Starts Still Plaguing the Offense

A 3 and out to begin the game is about the worst thing for the offense to start out with, and we've seen it too much this year. For an offense that prides itself om playing fast, the slow start has hindered our ability to get into the rhythm we like to see.

3. Congrats to De'Andre

In the 3rd quarter he passed 1,000 yards for the 2nd season in a row, the first Tech running back to do so since Byron Hanspard did in 1995 and 1996. Late in the game, De'Andre became an integral part of the offense, catching quite a few balls.

4. Defense Still Having Trouble Getting Off the Field When They Should

There were too many 3rd downs where we should have been able to force a punt and we couldn't. In a close game, the defense needs to be able to hold on a 3rd and 14.

5. Keenon Ward Has Come Back with A Vengeance

Earlier this year, Keenon was benched due to some poor tackling, and the past two weeks has really shown what he can do. Strong tackles, and his form has been much better.

6. The defense will get the ball back to the offense

Even as bad as the defense has been, giving up yards and point in bunches, they continue to get the ball back to the offense, which is what we were hoping we would see from our new DC.

7. Fehoko Is a Better Athlete Than All of Us

He saw that ball go up in the air and ran for it, diving for the pick. You don't see a defensive lineman do that. The emotion that the team showed congratulating him, and his brother was great to see. For a guy that has been preaching Family Over Everything, the team really showed how close they are.

8. Points Off Turnovers

Twice the defense got the ball back to the offense, and twice we failed to score a touchdown. Just those 2 drives left 8 points in the field. We have to capitalize on our chances. When the defense works so hard to get those turnovers, and then watches the offense only get a field goal, it takes some confidence out of the defense.

9. The Offense and Defense Continue to Not Be in Sync

We've seen it too many times this year, where it seems that only one unit can play well at a time. It killed us in the 3rd quarter last week and plagued us all game today. On the offense, there were too many drops, and the defense just couldn't get enough stops to get the ball back to the offense.

10. We Only Need One Win to Make a Bowl

It didn't happen today. It would've been fantastic to lock that down today and not be so pressured to win on Senior Day next week against Kansas St. However, we still have 2 games to get it done