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Texas Tech vs West Virginia: Opponent Q&A

We sit down with Mark Stickel from The Smoking Musket to talk the matchup this week in Morgantown

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VTM: A lot has been talked about West Virginia's struggles this year after a 3-0 start. However, just like Tech, WVU has gone 0-4 against... OU, Baylor, TCU and OSU, the top 4 teams in the conference. How does the fan base view Dana Holgorson's seat and how confident are you that he has the team on the right track?

TSM: Holgo's seat is blisteringly hot in the minds of most of our fanbase. We haven't seen him develop a QB since he's been here and with the exception of his first year, we've seen the team implode down the stretch.

Now, you don't get fired for losing to OU, OSU, Baylor, and TCU. You do, however, get fired for continuing bad patterns. If we get worse down the stretch, he's gone and for cause.

I am probably Holgo's biggest champion, but it's an uphill climb to keep his job. I think he has one loss to give, and it can't be to Kansas or Iowa State.

VTM: Heard something the other day that West Virginia isn't entirely happy with it's place in the Big 12. Can you elaborate on that at all?

TSM: This is definitely an "it's not you, it's me" thing. We love the Big 12. It's awesome to interact with such great fanbases evert single week. But, damn, it's geographically and historically dumb. We don't hate any of you and pure, dumb hatred is what keeps this sport going.

Pitt, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Miami, and BC are all in the ACC. If this last round of expansion was fueled by sanity instead of whateved nonsensium it ran off of, we'd be there too. That shipped has sailed.

But the Big 12 is home now (however weird that is) and it will be for a long time. You guys are awesome.

VTM: At 3-4, how big is this game for WVU coming off, at first glance, a bad loss in Fort Worth last week? Do you fear any carry over to Saturday after seeing the last 4 games play out?

TSM: Huuuuuuuuge. This could end up being THE biggest game of Holgo's career thus far. He needs to get a win coming out of Deathtober. There's always a risk of coming out flat, but it would, frankly, be pretty damning of Dana if he can't get our guys up for this.

VTM: Undoubtedly there will be a few Tech fans in attendance on Saturday. What are your favorite eat and drink joints you'd recommend to some visiting Red Raiders?

TSM: My favorite restaurants are all in the Waterfront area. Olivero's for authetic Italian, Mountain State Brewing Company for great pizza and beer, and Table 9 for a really creative gastropub experience. I strongly recommend any of the three.

In terms of casual bars, Mario's Fishbowl is a Morgantown classic and the Varsity Club is located right by the stadium and is a great beer and wings location.

For night life, it's all on High Street. My general routine is to start at the Morgantown Brewing Company (the Brew Pub to locals) to get a feel for the night and then walk up to High and start at Sports Page, which offers great specials ($3 Long Islands on Friday). After that, if you're looking for a club atmosphere, Bent Willeys and Joe Mama's are the place for that.

PSA: Most of our clubs charge ~$5 cover so be prepared.

VTM: Who are some players Tech fans should keep an eye on this week?

TSM: Shelton Gibson has been a revelation at WR this season after a couple years where he couldn't see the field because of talent in front of him.

And for funsies, one time Lane Kiffin QB prodigy David Sills has decided to try WR and is really good at it. College football is weird.

VTM: What are West Virginia's keys to the game?



VTM: What is your prediction?

TSM: I really have no idea. This game is huge for us, and I'm hoping the guys come out ready and don't ever look back to Deathtober. 42-38 WVU purely on homerism.

Well it looks like the Mountaineers are feeling worse than we are at this point in the season. I've always like Holgorson because of his ties to Tech, but after last year's last minute loss especially... I wouldn't mind seeing him lose this weekend.