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Red Raiders in the Pros - Week 8

A Red Raider has his first ever career reception, plus another big day for a Tech legend.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Amendola - WR, New England Patriots

Danny had a big week last week, and with a Thursday night meeting against Miami, another big game for him was on the horizon. Against the Jets, Danny was a great target for Brady, as the other receivers weren't holding onto the ball as well as he was. However, with an offense that has as many weapons as New England does, Danny wasn't as featured against the Dolphins as some were hoping he would be. On the 4th play from scrimmage he was called for an illegal crackback block that turned a 2nd and 3 into a 2nd and 18. He would finish with only 1 catch for 11 yards. Next week the Patriots welcome the Redskins to town, and hopefully Danny can get back to being a main focus of the offensive gameplan. Yesterday, Monday November 2nd, was Danny's 30th birthday and we would like to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Michael Crabtree - WR, Oakland Raiders

Mike continues to be an integral part of the Raiders offense, with 7 more catches this week on 12 targets for 102 yards and one touchdown. With 40 receptions this year for almost 500 yards after 7 games, there is potential for Crab to have close to 100 catches and over 1,000 yards in his first season in Oakland. He was a favorite of quarterback Derek Carr's this weekend with almost a third of the passes going his way. Crabtree has seemed to have found good chemistry with Derek, something that he had with Kaepernick in San Francisco that led to some great numbers with the Niners. Next week, the Raiders take their 10th ranked passing offense to Pittsburgh against the 26th ranked passing defense of the Steelers.

Bradley Marquez - WR, St. Louis Rams

Rookies that make the team out of training camp often end up receiving a lot of special teams play. If they do well enough there, and a chance arises for them to play their natural position, whether it is a defensive back or wide receiver, it can be a make or break situation. The coach may give you a chance, but it is still up to you to grab that chance and do the best that you possibly can. That happened to Bradley this week, when he recorded his first ever NFL reception. Although it was just a short pass, good for 5 yards, he made the most of the opportunity he was given, and now there is the chance that he will get more of an opportunity to make an impact on the field.