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Texas Tech Beats Texas 48-45

Game Recap, Notes, and Post Game Videos


Tech gets a much needed win over Texas in Austin. Something that hasn't happened since 1997.. but more on that later. On to the game...

1st Quarter:

Texas Tech starts somewhat fast, in that they moved the ball fairly well. That all ended with a 4th down near the 30. Too short for a punt, too long for a field goal type of thing. Tech pushes the issues, but Mahomes over throws Jakeem Grant and is picked off to give Texas the ball at their own 25. Not a big deal, but it does go in the turnover stat line. 

Both Texas and Texas Tech trade punts the rest of the quarter, before Texas sets up for a field goal attempt at the quarter ends.

End of 1st Qtr: Texas Tech 0... Texas 0

2nd Quarter:

Texas knocks home the field goal attempt and goes up 3-0. On the following drive, Mahomes throws deep down the left side for Lauderdale, but is under thrown and looks to be intercepted yet again by Texas. Staying with the play, Lauderdale tries to break up the interception by doing his best Jah'Shawn Johnson impression and does so, allowing the ball to fall right into Jakeem Grant's waiting hands. The great thing, Grant barely breaks stride as he goes 65 yards on the tip drill to give Tech the lead 7-3.

After forcing a punt on UT's next drive, Tech's drive would stall and result in a 51 yard field goal by Clayton Hatfield to give Tech a 10-3 lead. Great news is that Clayton Hatfield was awarded a scholarship after tonight's game.

Feeling the game getting away just a little bit, Texas is forced to do something it doesn't feel comfortable with... throwing the football. Tyrone Swoops throws deep down the left side only to have Nigel Bethel intercept it to give Tech the ball at their own 39 yard line. With a chance to go up by two scores, Tech's drive quickly stalls and they are forced to punt. Taylor Symmank, back from injury, pins Texas within their own 10 to begin their next drive.

On what was a simple hand off to Chris Warren (a big time Tech recruit target last year) who is met in the backfield by Breiden Fehoko, but Fehoko went high and Warren broke the tackle on his way for a 91 yard TD run to tie the game, 10-10.

Texas would force another Tech punt, but Tech's defense would answer. Pete Robertson stripped Caleb Bluiett and gives Tech the ball back in plus territory at the UT 34. Tech wouldn't take long to get back on the score board as Patrick Mahomes would take it in himself from the 1 yard line. Tech leads 17-10.

Halftime: Texas Tech 17.... Texas 10

3rd Quarter:

Tech starts the 2nd half strong by forcing a punt and then promptly driving the length of the field to go up by 14. It would be a 12 play, 91 yard drive, capped by a 2 yard run by DeAndre Washington. Tech leads 24-10.

Facing their largest deficit of the night, and unable to move the football, Texas if forced to punt and Tech has an opportunity to put the game away and go up by 21. However, a fumble by Ian Sadler quickly put Texas back in the game. In 2 plays, Chris Warren would take it in from 21 yards out to get Texas back to within seven, 24-17. 

Tech would answer with another Clayton Hatfield field goal, this time from 38 yards to put Tech up by ten, 27-17. 

On the ensuing kickoff, Daje Johnson would run it back into Tech territory and give Texas a short field starting at the Tech 40. Four plays later, Texas would get within 3. Chris Warren scores from 23 yards out, just another stat on the huge night for the freshman. Tech leads 27-24.

End of 3rd Qtr: Texas Tech 27 .... Texas 24

4th Quarter:

The fourth quarter played out like a video game. Tech answers immediately with a TD as DeAndre Washington breaks some ankles on his 16 yard TD run. Tech up 34-24. Texas answers right back with an 8 play 77 yard drive that sees Swoopes take it in from the 1 yard line. Tech's lead back down to three, 34-31.

After forcing Tech to punt, Texas would find the endzone on the feet of Tyrone Swoopes as he goes in untouched from 46 yards out. Texas has their first lead since early second quarter 38-34.

Needing an answer, Mahomes connects with Grant on a perfectly thrown pass for 40 yards down to the 1 yard line. Justin Stockton would take it for the score. It was odd DeAndre wasn't in on that play, but it could have been trying to deceive UT's defense. Tech has the lead again, 41-38.

With time running out, Texas tries to answer again and on 4th and 7, Swoopes overthrows his intended receiver giving Tech the ball on a short field. Then things just get ridiculous. On what will become known as the, "hide the midget play"... not very PC... Hunter.... Hunter.... Tech lines up in the Victory formation under center. First thing's first. Tech never lines up in victory formation under center. (Something Kingsbury might want to address if he uses this play in the future.) Mahomes takes the snap, pauses and hands the ball to Grant before running away from the line of scrimmage to take the eyes of the defense away from Grant. Grant proceeds to run it in from the 40 and give Tech a 48-38 lead. The scene on the sideline with Kingsbury hasn't been seen since West Virginia in 2013. Kingsbury looks as happy as a kid on Christmas even celebrating with Davis Webb... anybody he can find really. 

Texas would respond after another Daje Johnson return giving Texas another short field, it would take just 2 plays for Texas to score on Chris Warren's 4th TD run of the night. Tech lead back down to three, 48-45.

Texas would fail to recover an eventful onside kick and Tech would get a first down and kneel out the clock winning in Austin.

FINAL: Texas Tech 48.... Texas 45


^Check Scalzi hahahaha

Game Notes:

Kingsbury's winning percentage against Texas is now 33%. Higher than Tuberville's 0% and higher than Leach's 20.

Tech out gained Texas 665-467

Texas had 403 yards rushing.... 64 passing.

Tech had 293 yards rushing

Tech lost the turnover battle 4-2

DeAndre Washington had 173 yards rushing on 28 carries and 2 TDs

Both Sadler and Grant both had over 100 yards receiving

Last Time Tech won in Austin

Year was 1997

Bill Clinton was President

Texas also was 4-7 as they are right now.

English Patient was the hit movie

Spice Girls were a thing

Internet didn't rule our lives

"I believe I can Fly" by R Kelly came out

Michael Jordan was in his prime

Chris Farley passed away

OJ Simpson murder case was still being heard in Civil Court

You could go all the way into an airport and greet people as they came off the plane

DVD players cost $500

Seinfeld was the biggest show on television

And many, many, many more crazy thing from that time that was called... the 90's 

I was in 7th grade... now I'm 30 and 8 years out of college... haha

Prediction vs. Reality

My Prediction: Texas Tech 41 - Texas 28 (9-3, 6-3)

Prediction Summary: What a difference a bye week makes. Tech's D looks rested and energetic and they stifle what is again a hit or miss Texas offense without someone named McCoy under center. Ian Sadler and KeKe Coutee have big days and Dylan Cantrell adds a spectacular catch late to give Tech a season everyone can be thankful for.

Reality: Slightly more interesting than expected. A credit to Texas who always seem to find a way to win even when you don't expect it. Huge win for the program and for Kliff Kingsbury who beat Arkansas and Texas on the road. Even in down years, that's still something special in college football. Question marks remain for Charlie Strong of Texas who has posted back to back 7 loss seasons as head coach. His seat is getting pretty warm, as Kingsbury's is now ice cold.

You can find my full season predictions here.

Post Game Conference

Kliff Kingsbury


Next Game: Bowling... hopefully against Texas A&M

As always, tell us what you thought of the game. The good and the bad and what needs to happen going into next week. You can send questions for the mailbag to me on twitter @avcoachsmith or in the comments below, titled Mailbag. You can also submit questions for the podcast and we will answer them on Sunday.