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Texas Tech Defensive Grades: Week 9

With a loss on Halloween, is it all doom and gloom for the Defense?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I would like to start by saying that targeting call and ejection was garbage, even with the face mask to face mask glancing blow Jah'Shawn Johnson should not have been ejected. That was a bad call from the replay officials to eject him. People can interpret the rule a lot of different ways, but that never should have been an ejection. I will now hop off my soapbox and get to the good, bad and ugly that was Saturday in The Jones.

This game started out great. I think the first half there was  some solid play from the Defense, all things considered. It was in the second half the wheels started to come off. With the offense not producing the defense struggled and the game slipped through Tech's fingers.

It was an upsetting loss to say the least. I have seen people wanting to fire Gibbs and/or Kingsbury over this. That can be understood after the last 3 week's of bad play starting in the Kansas game. People are upset, but a coaching change is the last thing we need now. Tech has to show the recruit's there is stability in Lubbock. The losses sting and for right now if the offense doesn't play a perfect game then there can be some trouble. The defense is still trying to recruit out of a hole that has been a long time in the making. There is some bright spots in this defense. The young talent is getting better. It just takes time and as much as we want it to change overnight it will not happen like that.

Overall Grade: F

Through about 3 quarters the defense made some improvements but still let some big plays through. They like the offense must finish the game. It doesn't matter if you play good for part of the game, it has to be a full 60 minutes, but when the offense struggled the defense did too and with both sides struggling that is what OSU took advantage of and pulled away.

DL Grade: F

This group has really struggled to close the gaps and get pressure this season. Although there was some improvement here and there it just wasn't a enough to make the stops.

LB Grade: D

There was decent production out of the group and again Dakota Allen and Micah Awe had another good game with intensity. It just wasn't enough with everything else that was going on during Saturday's game. I'm glad to see a young player like Allen stepping up like he has. He has a very bright future. I think before it's all said and done people will really start to hear his name on watch lists for awards in the future.

DB Grade: D-

I thought this group made some improvements and are getting closer to being able to handle theses Big 12 passing attacks. Though it didn't seem that way with the yards given up. If you look back on the coverage from the first few games till now it's gotten better. Just not enough for Saturday's game. Keenon Ward and Nigel Bethel II had a good run. Bethel is young and you can see the talent he has. This will be another one that you will be hearing his name on watch lists in the future. Not to take away from the others, but I think he is just getting started.

Defensive MVP: Keenon Ward