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If The Chips Fall Right, Texas Tech Has A Chance To Beat Texas And Texas A&M

Can you say "dream season"?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite public backlash, Kliff Kingsbury has led the 2015 Red Raiders to a bowl berth after 11 games, with only a road contest in Austin remaining in the regular schedule. Texas hasn't been... well... the Texas that most of us know for the past couple of seasons, and with the midseason adjustments and the first bye week in our season, we'll have a solid chance to beat them. Many websites, including the mother site, SBNation, are predicting that the Red Raiders could play a slumping Texas A&M in a bowl game this year.

How amazing would it be if we were able to close out this year with wins over Texas and Texas A&M.

If everything goes right, we could end up with wins against two hated teams and end our season at 8-5. However, I don't really think that most of us would be excited about the record. Most all of us would be much more excited about putting the Longhorns out to pasture and sending the Aggies out to tend to them. In many ways, these schools are our exact opposite.

We hate Texas. This is not surprise, as we honestly hate everyone. I don't think there's a team in the Big XII Conference that doesn't have at least a little beef with us. The reputation we have has been earned over time, with sweat, blood, and tortillas. But our hate for Texas over all others will always burn brightest. Tea-Sippers. FUT. Shorthorns, or whatever. It's hard to deny that Texas is a college football blue blood and has earned a little of the hype. But it's the year in year out hype that gets to us. We hate that no matter what, they'll be picked to potentially win the conference. We hate their freaky ability to beat us when they have no reason being on the field with us. We hate the entitled, prickish attitude that their fans can carry with them at times.

Texas Tech has long been known as the party school, the rebel, the outsider. We aren't blue blooded. We don't have a ridiculous history of major success. This has probably been the most frustrating part about losing to Texas. They're finally down, and we can't find a way to get one over on them. We have a legitimate shot at beating the Longhorns in Austin. For the first time in a while, Texas is more streaky and unpredictable than Texas Tech. We have the chance to do some serious damage.

Texas A&M is our opposite as well, but for completely different reasons. They have all their tradition and rah rah and hullaballo and whatever other made up words they make traditions. Texas Tech is decidedly anti-tradition. Our biggest tradition, throwing tortillas, isn't even acknowledged by the school, and they actively try to stop it. Soapsud's butt faces squarely towards College Station. A&M has a history of very serious traditions. Texas Tech has traditions of shenanigans.

Those who say that Texas Tech fans live in the past with the Crabtree catch have never met hardcore Aggies. They clutch their history harder than they clutch their balls when it's "crunch time". Yet somehow, we're the team that gets stuck in the past. We hate their tradition, we hate their entitled attitude that we view as widely unearned, we hate the "We Run This State" crap, and we hate that we can't get another shot at them. This season, all of this is possible.

If we beat both Texas and Texas A&M (provided we play them in a bowl), I will count this season as a resounding success. On the field it won't even be close to our best season ever. But who could deny the amazing possibility of grinding the two teams we hate the most into the dirt. I think I speak for all of when I say that if we beat both of these jerks, this season would go from "pretty good" to "really good".