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Running Routes: WVU Recap and Senior Day

Tramain talks what he saw against West Virginia, what its like to play against Bill Snyder and his memories of Senior Day


VTM:  Obviously, the West Virginia game was painful to watch. It also happens to be the 3rd rough stretch for the offense in the last 4 games. Oddly enough, all on the road. Why is there such a discrepancy between home games and away games with this group?

TS: Yes very tough to watch. In my opinion I think it just comes down to everyone doing their job and executing. One drop here or one holding call there can mess up the rhythm of the game for you especially playing away. You're in an environment you're not accustom to and when costly mistakes happen its tough as a team to get back on track.

VTM: We saw a lot of dropped passes, or at least more than a Tech WR is used to. How would you mentor the young guys, who looked like they were pressing quite a bit in the WVU game?

TS: Mainly it just comes down to looking the ball in. We all know they can catch. The players know they can catch. Of course I know it's easier said than done but concentrating on looking the ball in is key. Wanting to make the run after the catch before you secure the ball is always something you think about. But it all comes down to focusing on that ball into your hands.

VTM: What were some of the drills you did in practice both under Leach and Tuberville to work on catching and securing the ball?

TS: With Leach after every practice we would catch x amount of balls from the tennis ball machine. If we had a bad practice we would have to catch x amount of balls behind a pole. It was pretty efficient haha.

VTM: A lot of people have been talking about "the Coach Bro experiment needs to end", what are your thoughts on Coach Kingsbury and his staff and if you had any say in a coaching shake-up, who would stay, who would go and who would you like to be seen brought in?

TS: I don't have any problem with it. They all know football. It's just a matter of time before they get all the pieces they need to get it rolling.

VTM: On the same note, there is a point where players have to make plays. In my experience of coaching its a 50/50 relationship. I, as a coach, can put you in a position to be successful, but the player has to execute it. It's not all on one side or the other. Especially when you have an outside receivers coach who has played the position in the NFL. What is your take on how the team is executing the routes and is it a coaching problem solely?

TS: It's hard to determine the execution of routes without watching actual game film. A lot can be determine by those film sessions. I'm sure things are being done to fix it.

VTM: You've played K-State several times, a great game in 08, an absolute annihilation in 09, and a close loss in 2011. What was it like to face a Bill Snyder team both putting everything back together in 2009 and when he had it back in 2011?

TS: Playing against a Bill Snyder team was always tough. That 09 game was just our night though haha. His teams are discipline and execute well. You can't make too many mistakes against his teams.

VTM:  Senior Day this weekend, what was that day like for you? Was it as tougher than you thought that, that was the last time you'd walk out onto the field at the Jones? What were some of the festivities like? And does it give you any added inspiration to go out with a win?

TS: That day was full of mixed emotions. Knowing that would be my last time to run out on the Jones was hard to accept. It sucks when you don't really want to remember your senior game. Not being able to play in your Senior Game was a spit in the face. Unbelievable. And we got stomped by OSU. I didn't want to go out like that but it was out of my control. The only highlight I would keep with me is running out on the Jones and the crowd cheering for me as I met my parents on the field. I will forever love RaiderNation and the memories we had in the Jones.