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Let Us Delight In DeAndre Washington

Stealing a feature from Every Day Should Be Saturday to pay tribute to one of our relatively unsung heroes.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The first thing about DeAndre Washington that you notice is the way he runs. He doesn't so much run as he does scamper, but even the word scamper can't really describe what he does. His legs move at cartoonishly fast speeds. He makes blindingly fast cuts, almost teleporting 4 feet to the right in front of the defense's eyes. His balance control is unparalleled. The human body is not meant to be able to twist and contort itself in the fashion Washington does consistently. Great open field tacklers are left grasping at nothing but a small blur as he either goes around them or through them.

There are two main types of running backs. One type operates as a Warhammer, bludgeoning the defense again and again to wear them down. Another type is based on speed, and is utilized in sweeps and screens just as often as they're used between the tackles. DeAndre Washington is neither of these types. He's a hybrid, a guy who is just as capable of running through your tackle as well as running around it. He's almost surgical in the way he runs, picking the area of the would be tackler that is the weakest, and striking a piercing blow at it. If running backs are weapons then DeAndre Washington is a rapier, a stout steel blade that if used correctly, can pierce you straight through the heart.

It's not that DeAndre Washington is a "jack-of-all-trades" running back, which implies that he is pretty good at everything and excels at nothing. He's excellent in every area. He can juke you in a phone booth, and he can carry you on his back on the way to the end zone. He never goes down easily, continuing to fight for extra yards even when it might be more beneficial to just go down. For a running back his size, he should be a liability in pass protection. He isn't, of course, because the best part of DeAndre Washington is a coaching cliche: he always gives 110%.

Let's give DeAndre Washington the credit he deserves. He gets some accolades and awards, but nothing anywhere near the love that players like Patrick Mahomes or Jakeem Grant get. He's a running back in an Air Raid world, and somehow he's managed to have a great season. Last year he broke 1,000 yards, and it was the first time a Red Raider had done that since 1998. Through 9 games this season, he's rushed for 932 yards, 9 TDs, and is averaging 6.3 yards per carry.

So let us delight in DeAndre Washington for three more games, because we don't have him for much longer. As a senior, in less than a month he will be finished with his football career here at Texas Tech. College football careers are brutally short. 4 years or less is nowhere near enough time to truly leave a mark. For some of these kids, if we blink, we'll miss it. Let's not miss a second of the last days of one of our greatest Red Raiders.